Meet Coach JBone


Who is Coach Jbone?

Jason (aka JBone) at first glance might come off as shy… but he is one of our most outright funny and witty coaches. He always seems to catch us off guard with his comical spins on the daily announcement.

Jason was an athletic youngster. After breaking his foot in 8th grade he stopped playing baseball and focused all his attention to ice hockey. He played from 9th grade through college.

Jason failed algebra twice in high school and claims to barely pass it in college. In pure Jbone fashion, he has been working in accounting since college because he is apparently “good with numbers.”

Jbone went to college to be a teacher. He currently isn’t in the teaching field but considers coaching athletes to be as rewarding as teaching. He considers it to be exciting to teach/coach someone to be better at whatever they’re trying to achieve or didn’t know they could achieve.

Jason might crush everyone in a run but he doesn’t really like running at all. He refers to it as the “art of one foot in front of the other.” He considers himself good at bodyweight movement workouts and says he struggles throwing around the heavier weights. However, most of the coaches that see him train would claim that no athlete works as hard as Jason to get stronger and not let the weights hold them back.

As a prior-teacher, Jason excels at coaching. He can adapt to the athlete’s individual needs and be the coach needed for the moment and situation. He understands the complexity of the multiple movements performed in CrossFit. He has claimed to be an athlete that may overthink what he is about to do. So to combat that, he keeps his cues short and sweet to help the athlete know just what they need to hear to accomplish the task at hand.

When not working, coaching and training, Jbone enjoys golfing, kayaking and paddle boarding.