Meet Coach Jaida

Lead Coach

Who is coach jaida?

Jaida is our gymnast extraordinaire! She has both trained gymnastics and coached it…and at such a young age. Having to educate – coach – teach – at an early age is a recipe for a fantastic coach!  This is one of the reasons Rebels was so enticed by Jaida.  The CrossFit gymnastics movements come so easily to those trained in traditional gymnastics.  In fact, if you watch gymnasts, including Jaida, try new things (movements/ lifts), they always look coordinated – especially on the Olympic Lifts!  So she’s ahead of us, folks!

We (Rebels) first met Jaida at the young age of 15 or 16! She practiced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and was huge high school wrestling star, and her dad brought her to us (he also trained at Rebels) to help her get stronger.  She is grateful for her early wrestling career. She states “It had an extreme impact on my life and I’m tremendously proud of myself for committing four years to a sport generally dominated by males, and ending up pretty successful.  Giving up my evenings, weekends, and waking up at 5am for tournaments gave me structure and stressed emphasis on persistence which helped mold me into the person I still am becoming today.”  And the rest, as they say, is history.

A little about Jaida:
She’s currently a college student studying for her Physical Therapy Assistant’s degree.  She’s very structured and methodical in her life – planning and goals – at such a young age.  Her detail-oriented approach to orienting our athletes to the day’s WOD is a good sign of her meticulousness in general. She hopes to complete her A.S. degree and apply to the PTA program at St. Pete College in 2020.

We love seeing the playful side of Jaida here and there:

  • Her favorite foods are bacon cheeseburgers and cake (lots of cake!)
  • She brags that she’s good at Geometry! (who’s good at Geometry?)
  • If she could be any animal it would be a lion – so she could wrestle around all day with her pack and hunt prey


Jaida is toying with returning to school to complete her nursing degree! More to come there.

Once Jaida started coaching, she began to develop her CrossFit “preferences”. She loves the ring and bar work: muscle ups, pull ups…she rocks them! She also likes the snatch – the “king of complexity”. Her least favorite movement? Maybe wall balls, but it seems she has trouble finding a “least favorite”. Well, except of course for a 60-minute stint of rowing, double unders and running – yea, that one hit her suck list!

Her desire to coach was out of a desire to better herself as an athlete, continue with a sport that her friends and family also loved, and to be a part of a sport that she enjoys so much. She wants to play a part in positively impacting other lives through CrossFit.

Jay Knickerbocker Photography

The box should be a way to escape from all of the turbulence around people’s everyday life and focus on themselves for that one hour, and have fun!  It may be the only hour they have to do that and I would love to help aid them.  Whether I can help an athlete get their first double under to their first muscle up, I want to be able to go home knowing I’m doing the best I can and influencing someone positive.  That’s a beautiful thing.

Jaida also has her sights on The CrossFit Open…making it to Regionals and beyond. Watch out for her!