Meet Coach Haylee


Who is Coach Haylee?

Haylee is our badass Firefighter/Paramedic/CrossFitter!  Not only is she a Firefighter, but she’s a cute Firefighter! She was “December” in The Women of Tampa’s Fire & Rescue calendar 2017!

Haylee’s profession as a Firefighter/Paramedic has her in the field of helping people every day – and that’s what she loves to do. Becoming a firefighter – overcoming the challenges involved – was difficult but the most rewarding thing she had ever done.  Coaching CrossFit with its physical and mental intensity was a natural fit for Haylee.

Haylee was born and raised in Florida.  She comes from a big family and was athletic growing up: martial arts, cheerleading and flag football – captaining her teams in each sport!

Though she’ll tell you she’s flexible – her’s actually double jointed.  Where will this become apparent? Well, her favorite move/lift is the Snatch – the most technical and difficult movement we do.  But if you’ve ever seen Haylee land a snatch slightly “off”, drop to a knee in the bottom of the Overhead Squat…and RECOVER!…you’ll understand!  She’s a natural athlete.

CrossFit teaches you how not to quit when it sucks!  ~Haylee Lecroy

If you are on the floor and Haylee is your coach, you can expect a calm sense about her as she’s instructing you. Remaining composed is one of her gifts.  She has patience and a good eye – and she can coach you up well from technique to the point in a tough WOD you start to panic – who better than a firefighter to keep you calm and help you survive!

Rebels is lucky and proud to have Coach Haylee on board!