Ed Farina

Ed Farina

They Call Me Mouth

Ed Farina - “Coach Mouth”
Head Coach/Director of Rehab/ Motivator & Educator Extraordinaire!


Born and raised in the city of Clearwater, MOUTH flies the flags of Clearwater High School and The University of Florida where he earned his physical therapy degree.  Mouth has 36 years of  experience as a clinician and extensive executive experience  in both the private and public sectors of healthcare. He’s an author, international speaker and clinician in orthopedic rehabilitation.  These experiences have uniquely prepared him to evaluate, educate and optimize our REBEL athletes…and our tremendous team of coaches.  Mouth spends countless hours with our coaches on anatomy & physiology of each major joint, kinesiology and human movement, injury prevention and management, and customer service.  Mouth’s talents and experience are unmatched in the Tampa Bay area. You simply won’t find another gym, Crossfit or not, with a resource this valuable. Mouth is one of the many reasons Crossfit Rebel athletes are unequalled.



Legend is written that he was a pretty good athlete growing up in Clearwater, specifically on the ol’ ball diamond…Mouth will just smile and tell you that everyone got a trophy when he played. Marathoner and adventure racer, Mouth’s been addicted to CrossFit since 2008. He’s a fire-breather who placed 134th in the world during the 2018 CrossFit season.  His sights are set on someday competing in the CrossFit Games…only 20 in the world are blessed to make it.


Mouth’s passion for evidence-based practices motivated him to participate in  preparing and publishing scientific manuscripts in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

  • Wilder FV, Barrett JP, Farina EJ.  The Association of Radiographic Foot Osteoarthritis and Radiographic Osteoarthritis at Other Sites.  Osteoarthritis & Cartilage.  2005 Mar; 13(3): 211-5.
  • Wilder FV, Barrett JP, Farina EJ. Radiographic Progression of Foot Osteoarthritis and the Role of Regular Exercise.  J Am Podiatric Med Assoc.  2005 Jul.
  • Wilder FV, Barrett JP, Farina EJ.  Exercise and Osteoarthritis: Are We Stopping Too Early? Pilot Findings from the Clearwater Exercise Study. J of Aging and Phy Activity.  2005 Oct.
  • Wilder FV, Barrett JP, Farina EJ. Sex-Specific Incidence and Progression Rates of Thumb Carpometacarpal Osteoarthritis: The Clearwater Osteoarthritis Study.  JBJS.  2005 Oct.
  • Wilder FV, Barrett JP, Farina EJ.  Joint Specific Prevalence of Osteoarthritis of the Hand.  Osteoarthritis & Cartilage.  2006 June


  •  Mouth opened his first private physical therapy practice in 1985 at age 24. By 1991, he’d founded and sold three private practices in Tampa Bay.
  • In 1991, before urinary incontinence was “out of the closet”, Mouth founded Florida Bladder Control & Incontinence Specialists, and developed a non-surgical method for treating both stress & urge incontinence.
  • From 1986-1992, Mouth consulted and lectured in 3 countries, 21 US states and 38 US cities on the subject of knee rehabilitation.
  • Mouth created the first Knee Fellowship program for rehabilitation specialists. Fellows mastered state-of-the-art knee evaluation and treatment techniques/protocols.
  • In 1989, the US government under President Ronald Reagan commissioned Mouth to travel to Tokyo, Japan educating orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists on the use of electromyography & isokinetic training for knee rehabilitation.
  • An original investor & founder of Select Medical Corporation in 1997, Ed was integral with the growth and development of this startup organization that quickly realized $800 million in annualized revenue.  Select Medical is now the largest provider of physical therapy services in the world.
  • Mouth positioned his company as the Official Sports Therapy Team to The USF Bulls & The Tampa Bay Lightning where they performed annual physicals and post injury rehabilitation.


Ed  sold his outpatient rehabilitation clinics in Sarasota & Manatee counties in December 2011.  Exploring retirement is not an option!

He sat as the Chairman for the Board of Directors of The Arthritis Research Institute of America, a 501(c)(3), conducting osteoarthritis research in Clearwater for more than two decades.  He  believes the components of aging and the lifestyle of CrossFit are a perfect marriage. As the Founder of the Legends Program here at CrossFit Rebels, he hopes to continue to grow the potential of the “masters athlete”.

Ed’s home is with REBELS …training, working with coaches & athletes, looking to spread the benefits of CrossFit to all ages, all genders.



  • Fran  3:58
  • Cindy 25 rounds
  • Filthy Fifty 23:58
  • DL  425 lbs
  • Diane  5:49
  • Grace  3:28
  • Squat Clean 245 lbs
  • Backsquat 365 lbs