Meet Coach Dave


Who is Coach Dave?

Dave loves the sport of volleyball and has played most of his life.  He had a 4 year wining streak at a charity beach volleyball tournament at FSU…not bad for someone who plays for the fun of it! Other hobbies include snowboarding, backpacking, and home renovation projects.

CrossFit means being more fit now at 38 than when I was in my 20’s. It means that in my career as a firefighter I was more than physically able to perform the strenuous duties of the job. It means that when I spend a week snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado I’m able to ride as long as I want and am not limited by physical ability. It means I am the dad who runs, jumps, swims, flips, and throws my kids in the air when other dads can’t and are sitting in a chair watching me play with my kids and theirs. It has been the avenue through which I have learned more practical knowledge of fitness than I in my Bachelors degree in Exercise Science.

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