HYDRATE WHEN TRAINING IN THIS HEAT This is hanging in the entryway to the box, but in case you missed it: The number one thing people mess up if they CrossFit or even RUN in Florida, in the summer, is re-hydration. Water is not enough! Just chugging water can lead to hyponatremia, a serious condition [...]

Meal planning

Meal Plans.   If you haven't figured it out yet, it (meal planning) is the key to this whole "Healthy Lifestyle. Fail to plan...plan to fail, right? But this sounds from a school cafeteria!  Sounds like work - like actually having to put a pen to paper:  work.  And it is, so suck it up [...]


"MACROS" PART 1: WHAT ARE MACROS? In addition to explaining the basics of the 3 macronutrients here, we will also touch on  micronutrient tracking - it's better for health, and at the end of these posts, I'll show you why you can track your macros, tweak them for ideal body composition, and still be one of [...]

Intermittent Fasting

It's all the rage. As many people will tell you they are doing IF right now as will tell you they're Keto and Plant-based. It's a thing. Lucky for us this is actually a thing that not only stands the test of ....research (see Monday's post on being skeptic), but also ancestral health - it [...]

Skeptics! Health Challenge Week 2

The Skeptic's Smile: Straight lipped and apparently genuine...but... Monday 2/24 marks DAY 8! NO ONE...I repeat, NO ONE, has fallen off the wagon, or at least admitted it! That's pretty amazing. Lots of questions, a few struggles, but all in all, everyone is reporting progress! Topic for the day (most of you had better be [...]

Day 3 of this 30 day Journey….

 HELLO REBELS! We all have goals – breaking them down into smaller, achievable subsets of the ultimate goal is the quickest way to success because we succeed over and over again with small victories which helps keep us on track.  Many of us know or knew our diets played a huge part of our success […]

Health Challenge Day 1

Hey folks! Most of you should be in bed! Myself included...but we need something to chew on tomorrow . Day 1 was a blur! We saw most of you at the box today, and if not today tomorrow because the first to the physical challenges is tomorrow!  And most are at the very least thinking [...]

START getting it right…

2020 HEALTH CHALLENGE Day 1 I know some of you are stressed! (MEAL PLANNING...."ENOUGH PROTEIN"...SO MANY VEGETABLES!...) Thought this would give you a big laugh! Either the mushroom or the thought of your food having teeth😬 It's not going to come together today! Trust us! But strive to do as we talked Sunday (for those [...]

The 2020 Health Challenge is upon us!

THE NEXT DIET CHALLENGE Its that time again!  30 days…one month…a small time commitment for the beginning of a lifetime of health!  30 days to see if eliminating possible food addictions, food allergies, gut-damaging foods makes you look, feel and perform better…doesn’t sound that hard, right?    Every year, multiple times, we “launch” into  structured [...]