Black Jack

Friday, April 24, 2020

Happy Birthday Oscar!



3 Rounds
10 alternating weighted lunges*
10 contralateral single leg deadlift (each side)
*The lunges should be long, mark a spot on the ground for your stance so as you fatigue your lunge stance does not shorten.


“Black Jack”
For Time (25 AMRAP)
20 Push ups + 1 sit up
19 Push ups + 2 sit ups
18 Push ups + 3 sit ups
Continue until…
1 Push up + 20 sit ups


This is new! We’re now in the swing with the Kids Program! Check it out HERE (link)


Our Legends Program has a video whiteboard discussion. It posts on their FB page on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but you can check it out HERE (link)



We painted the blue wall where we store the dumbbells before we closed. We’ve started adding graphics to this wall and let me tell you, it gives me the chills (Coach Tiff here!) If anything, with the “Stay at Home” order, this graphic couldn’t be more true. We are ALL Rebel Strong. Strong physically yes. Strong mentally yes. And even more so strong as a community! #remoterebels #rebelstrong #rebelsAF


As of April 22, 2020, we do not have an official reopening date; however, this week we anticipate receiving guidance from the government on when we can reopen and guidelines to do so. At this time, we anticipate reopening between May 15 and June 1.

The reopening will most likely have to be restricted and/or limited by social distancing and include increased cleaning procedures and maximum number of athletes (including Legends and Kids) permitted in the box at one time. As a result, we have measured stations throughout the gym so that athletes may train 10-12 feet apart without sharing equipment and without encroaching in each other’s space.

In order to prepare and plan logistics for reopening, we are in the process of reaching out to all active Rebel athletes to determine the following:

  1. Are you ready to return when we open? Some athletes may choose to continue to self-isolate even after the State of Florida and Rebels reopens.
  2. Is your schedule set or are you flexible with your training times? What days of the week do you plan on training and what times? Does it depend on children, spouse, work schedule, etc.?

With this information, we will create a tentative schedule and class map of which athletes are training at what time and what specific station within the box. We need to know, especially those with kids in the CFK program, who is coming and when. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have athletes drop in outside of scheduled times. Now, more than ever, our “schedule book” is required.

We are still working on a lot of details such as Thursday and Saturday programming. Thursdays will most likely be programmed strength or grunt work instead of open gym. Saturdays will be structured different (TBD) and yoga most likely will stay virtual via zoom. Sunday Hero WODS will start back up a few months down the road.

Be sure to add “” to your email contact list, as we will most likely be sending blast emails to you on reopening. While you are there, please check your junk/spam folder because we have sent a few blast emails in the last few weeks.

This is new and uncharted territory for us. We have never done this before, and we will not be perfect. We are putting a lot of thought and effort into planning to reopen with renovations, cleaning, and logistics. We are doing everything we can to accommodate you and follow COVID guidelines.

If you are part of the Rebel Family and you are not ready to return to a group environment (i.e., you’re caring for loved ones at home) when we reopen and you want us to provide programming for you continue training at home, please reach out to us as we will do our best to keep you training.


So, as you may know, we did our first Saturday Zoom (vrtual) yoga class on April 4th and it got bombed! This means, people we didn’t want to, joined the meeting and started causing a ruckus!  So we closed zoom and thank goodness Coach Paul was there and we were able to move to facebook and Instagram live without a hitch.
Moving forward, Coach Tiffany has made the following protections to prevent this from happening again:
  • The meeting is now password protected. To obtain the password, email us or you can text the box phone or if you have a coaches phone number, they all have the password.
  • The link to join the meeting has not changed.
  • Tiffany has enabled a “waiting room” in Zoom. This means, she will allow people into the meeting. So if someone signs in using a name we don’t know, they  won’t be allowed in. So be sure  to put your name in during the prompts as you sign into zoom. So for example, if “galaxy 8” signs in, we’re not allowing them into the meeting because we don’t know who that is.
  • Once we start the yoga class, Tiffany will wait maybe 5 minutes to allow for those joining fashionably late, and then she’ll  lock the meeting so no one else can join.
There is information in the facebook event to advise we’ve got a password now.
For more information, you know how to reach us!
10!Coach Tiff Loves Chippers