Benchmark Girl Helen

Friday, October 23, 2020

Happy Birthday Jonathan C!

Pictured above: A rare photo of Coach Nic.


1.  METCON (1ST)

HELLO EGO! It’s nice to meet you…can I check you at the door for this WOD, please? LOLOL
Helen is a benchmark girl – she looks easy, but can bite you quickly. Top times on this WOD are in the 8:00-9:00 range…for many of us three rounds of just the 400M runs take 6:00! That leaves 2:00 to do 63 KB swings and 36 pull ups! Check your egos, guys. There will, and always will be, a bit of an “ego fight” with who gets to set up near the back door…closest to the door for the run. Please allow the coaches to help sort this out, and don’t be an egomaniac. It’s a great WOD and will challenge you wherever you set up!

3 RFT:
400m run
21 KB swing 53/35
12 Pull up
Cap 15:00


3-5 Sets time permitting
From the rack:
1 Pausing OHS 2 second pause at bottom + 1 OHS

In between each set: 50’ HS walk

Set 1 60% 1RM OHS
Set 2 65%
Set 3 70%
Set 4 75%
Set 5 75-80%



This is Joel. Joel enjoys long weighted runs on the side of the road. Be like Joel.

Here at Rebels we have a decent run set up. We can utilize our back door to run to our straight, flat road and go down and come back without any hills, obstacles or obstructions.
Here are some situations our coaches have experienced while visiting other boxes on vacation:
-Have had to run down/up stairs leaving and entering the building
-Have massive hills as part of their 400m (talk about slowing your times)
-Crossing train tracks at a busy intersection
-Big rocks and gravel to be avoided
-Running through bushes to get to the trail that is the actual run path.

All these things can make your run much more challenging and a lot scarier. We’re not running on a residential road, so there are no dogs chasing us. But this is a public road so we have people flying to and from work at all hours of the day. All we have to do here at Rebels is KEEP OUR HEADS UP and STAY OUT OF THE STREET! …And wear the occasional reflector when it’s dark out.
We all know how tired we can get while running, especially a few rounds into a workout. Being on a busy road like we are we ask that you keep your head up and be vigilant while you run. It is the cars job to avoid humans and it is the humans job to make themselves easily avoidable. =-)

If you were driving to work at 7 in the morning and it was still dark out and you are half awake would you be 100% ready to avoid someone running in the road? This is how we have to think. It is a two-lane road, metaphorically and literally. So let’s hug the side of the road as closely as possible.

Open Gym…OrTeam WOD!