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The Basic Training  (BT) Program at CrossFit Rebels is designed to prepare you to enter the regular classes with confidence and a baseline of fitness that will encourage growth in movements and physical strength.

Basic Training consists of 6 very small group classes (typically groups of 2-3 athletes), offered  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  at  7:00pm.  Basic Training can also be done as a series of four one-on-one sessions if the evening classes don’t fit your schedule. Each of the 6 classes has theme or topic that the hour centers around:

  • Squat Camp
  • Overhead Series (Press, Push Press and Push Jerk)
  • Power Lifts
  • Olympic Lifts
  • Gymnastics
  • Kitchen Sink (odd, uncategorized movements)

Each class includes a warm-up, instruction, and practice on the featured movement, a WOD, and a selection of the “Box Rules” and protocols by which we run the classes.  We may be a warehouse gym, but we’re a smoothly run warehouse gym!

Basic Training is a great way to “ease into CrossFit”, meet other athletes (both in the regular classes and in Basic Training), and boost your confidence before hitting the regular WODs.

As a part of the Basic Training program, you’re also welcome and encouraged to attend the regular classes as a Basic Training newbie on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, should you have the urge and energy!  Our coaches know the Basic Training athletes and keep a watchful eye out for them on these days.

To start Basic Training, just EMAIL US and we’ll get you in right away!