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Week of March 22nd 2021

FOR THE WEEK OF MARCH 22nd This week's birthdays: Mike Lisi (Wednesday) Coach Haylee ripping through snatches on her way to completing 21.2 during our Friday night lights for the Open this past week. Thank you to Falon for lots of great photos! THIS WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE Monday Snatch Technique (15) 5 Sets:  1 Power Snatch 1 [...]

Week of March 15

FOR THE WEEK OF MARCH 15th This week's birthdays: Lawyer extraordinaire Ricky Huff (Monday), returning member Ryann Potts (Monday), so good at every workout that it makes me jealous CJ (Friday), and THE headbanded warrior Sharon Henry (Sunday) WORKOUT OF THE DAYTHIS WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE SUNDAY The day of rest - take it! The way you work [...]

Week of March 8th-The Open Begins

FOR THE WEEK OF MARCH 8th Week 1 of the CrossFit Open This week's birthdays: Izzy W (Tuesday), Talli (Wednesday), Nette (Thursday), Devon (Friday), Steve B (Sunday) Pictured above: Let the judging begin! Sign up to be judged for your Open WOD at the Box. Judging occurs Friday nights after 7pm, and Saturday mornings after [...]

Week of March 1st

FOR THE WEEK OF MARCH 1st This week's birthdays: Glo and Gregg D (Wednesday), Cassie F...we miss you! (Thursday), Colin (Friday) and Bruno...we mean Matty (Sunday) Pictured above: Ed's shenanigans always bring smiles to our faces THIS WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE Monday **Overhead squat and snatch in today's programming, get in early (no earlier than H:45) to warm [...]

Week of February 21st

NEWS AND UPDATES FOR THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 21st This week's birthdays: Slice (Monday), Pasco and Jon G (Wednesday), Charmaine (Thursday), Eric P (Saturday) THIS WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE Monday SQUAT SNATCH (20) 1 Rep max TRICYCLE (20) For Time: 40/30 cal bike buy in (class 60/40 row or 600m run) Directly into: 30-24-18-12 Alt DB PSn C2B [...]

Week of February 14th

FOR THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14th This week's birthdays: Tim A and Konan (Sunday), Heather C (Tuesday...we miss you!!) Pictured above: Steve B with perfect KB swing form: hips at full extension, elbows locked, bottom of the KB facing the ceiling. WORKOUT OF THE DAYTHIS WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE SUNDAY Happy Valentine's Day!!! Today we rest and recover [...]

Week of February 7th

FOR THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 7th This week's birthdays: Nicole Turk & Levi (Tuesday) & Coach Moana (Wednesday)! Pictured above: Moana...always inspiration to us all in more ways than one. We love you Moana! WORKOUT OF THE DAYTHIS WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE SUNDAY Rest and do something nice for someone today. MONDAY Get to the Box early [...]

Week of February 1st

FOR THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 1ST This week's birthdays: Rest Day (Wednesday), Mother of Rebels Sam (Thursday), and Gretchen (Saturday)! Pictured above: A throwback photo of Sam competing. She's strong ya'll... WORKOUT OF THE DAYTHIS WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE SUNDAY Rest and brunch with your friends. MONDAY Get to the Box early (no earlier than H:45) for a [...]

Open Gym and Team/Individual WOD

Saturday, January 31, 2021 Happy Birthday Paul M! Pictured above: #RebelStrong WORKOUT OF THE DAY 8:00 Open Gym 9:00 Team/Individual WOD NEWS AND UPDATES SOUTHERN LIGHTS BREWING COMPANY...OUR NEIGHBORS! NOW OPEN Our friends next door, Billy, Kirby and Benton have been working for the last SEVERAL months. You know how it is...City Planning Department, permits...but [...]


Friday, January 29, 2021 Pictured above: Matty aka Bruno has springs in his shoes! WORKOUT OF THE DAY 1. OPEN 16.4  AMRAP 13: 55 Deadlifts 225/155 55 WB 20/14 55 Cal row or 40 cal bike or 600m run 55 HSPU 2. FINISH OPEN 16.4 FOR VOLUME, NOT TIME. 3. OPTIONAL CASH OUT: (Time permitting) [...]