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Open 20.4

For time:•30 box jumps•15 clean and jerks, 65 | 95 lb.•30 box jumps•15 clean and jerks, 85 | 135 lb.•30 box jumps•10 clean and jerks, 115 | 185 lb.•30 single-leg squats•10 clean and jerks, 145 | 225 lb.•30 single-leg squats•5 clean and jerks, 175 | 275 lb.•30 single-leg squats•5 clean and jerks, 205 | 315 […]

Warm Up 1.14.2022

Hip Halo as a group 3 rounds of 5 PVC Pass Through5 PVC Good Mornings5 PVC Stict Press5 Step Ups each leg3 Cossack Squat each leg Workout Prep for WOD (start with empty barbell and work up to starting weight)3 Cleans3 Jerks3 Box Jumps or Step Ups3 Pistols alt

Warm Up 1.12.2022

Banded 7 as a group Review Turkish Get Upthen3 rounds3 Perfect Stretch each side5 PVC Good Mornings5 Iron Cross each side5 Scorpion each side5 Scap Pull-Ups1 Turkish Get Up each side (start with abmat then progress in weight each round.) Workout Prep for WOD:2 rounds100m Run3 Deadlift (working up in weight)3 T2B

WOD 1.11.2022

AMRAP 630 WallBalls (20/14)20 KB Swings (53/35)10 Burpees Rest 2:00 AMRAP 630 KB Goblet Squat (53/35)20 Burpees10 WallBalls (20/14) Rest 2:00 AMRAP 630 Burpees20 Wall Balls (20/14)10 KB Step-Ups (53/35)

Warm Up 1.11.2022

2:00 on row or bike, then Hip Halo as a group Review Hollow and Arch Positions then review Alligator Rolls3 sets of 5 rolls in each direction Workout Prep for WOD3 sets3 Wall Balls3 KBS3 Burpees3 Goblet Squat3 KB Step Ups each side