All the Rest

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Happy Birthday Julie B, N8, Nikki B and Nick H!

Work Out of the Day



  1. Schmalls-Hero
    800M Run
    Then 2 rds of
    50 Burpees
    40 Pull ups
    30 Pistols
    20 KB swings 53/35
    10 HSPU
    800M Run


  1. PJ 3×3
    SJ 5×1
  2. Alt Tabata DL/DU 225/155



  1. Clean pulls 7×2
    Then 1RM PC
  2. For Time:
    100m sprint
    PC @ body weight
    (sprint 100 then 10 PC, sprint 100 then 9 PC, sprint 100 then 8 PC…)



  1. Session 4 of 4
    Front squat/back squat
    12 rounds (6 each)
    2 front squats
    4 back squats
    From the rack. Increase from last week to 74% 1RM BS
  2. Strict press
    10×2 90% 1RM
    Rest 90 seconds between sets


  1. Mini Trot
    1x 800m run
    Rest 3 min
    2x 400m run
    Rest 2 min
    3x 200m run
    Rest 1 min
    20′ cap #TIGHTCAP
  2. AMRAP 5′
    70/50 cal row
    ME WB (20/14)
    Rest 5 minutes
    AMRAP 5′
    50 WB (20/14)
    ME cal row



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