• We will build a community of dedicated coaches brought together by the belief in the foundations of CrossFit.
  • We will continue to educate and train ourselves in the areas of fitness, wellness, and nutrition so as to constantly improve our coaching abilities and our value to our CrossFit Rebels’ Community.
  • We will first and foremost embrace each new athlete as a member of our strong community, and emphasize the power of a community of people working toward similar goals.
  • We will help our athletes and members achieve realistic, attainable goals.
  • We will create and provide an atmosphere of support and camaraderie to anyone willing to put forth the required attendance and effort.
  • We will coach our athletes toward better movement and increased range of motion which we believe to be cornerstones of fitness and essential to progress.
  • We will scale each athlete’s program to their age or ability level
  • We will set an example in our community by living the life we promote.
  • We acknowledge that each athlete is an individual and we will coach them as individuals.
  • We will provide a fitness stimulus that is constantly varied and with dramatic results….at the edge of their physical and mental capacity.
  • We will train and practice our athletes in the ten essential general physical skills and ensure that our athletes are as fit as they are competent in each of these skills.
  • We will be a resource to our community and support health-related initiatives that run in line with our core values.


CrossFit Rebels is a proud American small business that believes in our great and blessed country.