Friday, November 1, 2019

Happy Birthday Dan N!

Work Out of the Day

1. Primer for 20.4

We will be working pistol progressions and warming up our clean and jerks to prepare for 20.4


CrossFit Games Open workout 20.4

3. Accessory work/cash out 



Just a reminder, wear your Halloween costumes to Saturday’s Team WOD!


Image result for IMAGE OF MUSTACHE


Last chance to get signed up boys!! MOVEMBER starts THIS FRIDAY MOvember 1st! Signups are at the front desk. (OK – WE MAY EXTEND IT INTO THE FIRST WEEK OF NOV BUT YOU’LL BE BEHIND IF YOU DON’T START NOW!)

At Rebels we rock MUSTACHES ONLY for the entire month. Last men standing get judged for best mustache winner takes half the pot. Other half goes towards the Movember foundation to raise awareness for men’s health. $20 to play.

The Movember Foundation helps raise awareness for men’s health issues such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer and men’s suicide (mental health.) Those are the three biggest killers of men. By rocking a MUSTACHE this month we can strike up conversations about our lip-sweaters and in doing so hopefully promote health checkups (testicular and prostate cancer early detection.) This is also a great chance to help raise awareness for men’s depression or even reach out to someone in desperate need of someone to talk to about their own mental health. So… other than MOvember being a great month of making fun of one another’s faces… it is a great way to spread the word and help those who may suffer from depression or even be that early detection of prostate or colon cancer.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.4