Friday, October 25, 2019

Happy Birthday Kathy S!

Work Out of the Day

After the WOD we’ll finish with some conditioning – easy effort – keep us moving:

16 MIN
ODD: 10 burpee BJO
EVEN: :30 ME T2B

NOTE: This week began a potentially lengthy process to change the incoming flow at the box. Yes, change. Swallow it…it’s going to happen. The pattern may not happen exactly as we try it initially, but we’ll adjust to the best outcome we can get with our goals for space changes and flow.

When you arrive, the WOD will not be on the main whiteboard. The goal is to move the whiteboard discussion to the old pull up rig where the plyo boxes are stored. As an interim change, we’ll use the mobile whiteboard for this in the upcoming few weeks to a month. If it works, we’ll make it permanent. The scores during this time will remain where they are, centralized, but eventually they will move too. In order to give you access to the WOD and warm up, we’ll order monitors to be placed in a location so that when you walk in, you’ll be able to get the information you need without interrupting the working class who may be in front of the whiteboards.

Please be patient with us – we, too, are not certain of how this will exactly roll out but we need to make some changes and this is our first attempt.


CrossFit Open Workout 20.3



We will open the box APPROXIMATELY 15 mins prior to the top of the hour for the 6am, 11am and 4pm classes…the three classes where the hour or hours prior to those classes we actually CLOSE. Yes, we have three hours a day we close…the coaches train, we clean, catch up on administrative, operational or maintenance tasks.

When we are ready to “receive athletes”, which means the coaches are changed and coherent if they trained, we are organized and able to be on the floor to supervise, we will unlock the door (both doors, CF Kids, and the main door) and flip the Closed Sign and the lights and BOOM – YOU’RE IN!

We are not a 24 hour gym.  We don’t allow unsupervised training.  Entering before we’re open isn’t permitted.  Letting yourself in, opening the door and flipping the sign yourself “to help us out” isn’t permitted.

Please recognize that if we don’t get you guys out, for example, the 9am class, until 10:15am….we have 30 minutes to either clean, work or train.  Please don’t take the liberty to “open the box for us”. We promise we’ll let you in with plenty of time to warm up and get your WOD on!

Finally, the same goes for the hours where classes run back to back. Please don’t treat the box like an all-day open gym. You have a class time and that’s when you’re due in. It’s truly hard for us to keep track of everyone and the space management when you’re making your own rules.