10 year anniversary event..postponed


One of the best things we ever did 10 years ago was create a Google account (thank you @google) and begin storing photos taken at the box by month and event. It’s like a stroll down memory lane! It was the Google Album that helped us see that December and February were the last two times, as a community, we actually gathered and celebrated something. Christmas and Battle of the Sexes…both epic gatherings!

We threw corn hole bags very seriously,

and then threw sticky mini-marshmellows at each others faces

Brilliant game…not so brilliant clean up.


Two short months later we were at it again!  Battle of the Sexes is ALWAYS A BLAST – regardless of the fact that the guys always win and the girls always vow to change the events and rules next year to their advantage.

Just four short months later, we’re thinking about planning (as we always do…plan, plan, plan) the 10 year anniversary event. What to do, what to do…wait, 😬😬😬, “plan an event of greater than 50 people?”…not “legal” right now, COVID19 cases on the rise…yikes!

This DOES present a challenge right? We could go back to our caution tape stations, hope the brewery is open and have beer delivered to our “stations”…right…you get the picture. It’s probably not safe, not a good idea, and just not the right time.

So, we’ve decided to postpone it to the fall. Like what has happened in our great CrossFit Community worldwide, postponing one event doesn’t define our success or cohesiveness as a community. In the fall, it will be cooler, our neighbors will DEFINITELY be open, and we’ll have a better opportunity for a BETTER event.

So as July 12th comes and goes, we ask that ….can’t believe we’re saying this, as we think social media has become more of a problem than a help these days…that you help us celebrate virtually. Dig back into your photo archives and find some of the best photos you can that bring back the best memories you have of your time at Rebels.  No, this is not a goodbye! LOL. Rebels is fine and here to stay. But sometimes from seeing our past, our future can appear brighter and smarter. Ed and I love the old school pictures of the box when the walls were white and obnoxiously painted…”what were we thinking”! as we laugh it off and admire the new #RebelStrong wall. So dig back. Find your PR photos, your friends, the things that make you happy and proud…things that happened here at CFRebels or with your RebelFam. July 12th is a Sunday. We will host a Team WOD (socially distanced Team WOD) on Saturday July, 11th – so don’t fret – you’ll still get to make memories on the anniversary, just not as grand as we’d hoped. Expect a long chipper staged in heats to help with social distancing. Expect odd objects. Expect to have to decide in advance if you’re teaming (with a same-household, same-workplace, “like”) with someone or an individual. We’ll have options. Expect to bring a chair and maybe hang out back with your teammate or friends (socially distanced of course) and watch heats after you….it’ll still be a good day. Just less hooplah!

Thank you Rebel Family. Here’s to another 10 years coming up….better than ever!

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