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SATURDAY, MARCH 18 2017 Happy Birthday Lindsey G. and Rachel Ford!   It’s Coach Phil’s Saturday! 8 am open gym or yoga *17.4 judging will be going on as well! 9 am TEAM WOD 10-11am- 17.4 judging starts back up   NEWS & UPDATES: UPCOMING
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FRIDAY, MARCH 17 2017 HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! WOD & RX+ 17.4 is ….16.4 WARM UP (modified from The Movement Fix) 2-3 Rds: 10x Hip Ext 10x Cossack Squat 10x DL 40-50% 1RM (1st Rd – increase load each round) 10x Pushup into down dog -on video
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Open Gym or “Luck of the Irish”

THURSDAY, MARCH 16 2017 Happy Birthday Brittany D. and Sean Moyles!   ‘OPEN GYM’ OR… WOD Celebrating St. Patty’s Day early this week due to 17.4 being our priority for tomorrow. “Luck of the Irish” For Time: 50x KBSw 55/35 5 x Burpee 40x Goblet Squat
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AMRAPs, plural!

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15 2017 HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICKY!!! Double Unders: One of the most simple, yet complex, movements we can have in a WOD. If you’re good them, it makes all the difference in your WOD.  If you’re EFFICIENT at them, you’re home free. Check out our
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The Ghost!

TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 2017 Happy Birthday Steve B!   WOD GYMN SWOD/GYMN SKILLS 3RDS NOT for time 15x Ring dips 15x C2B Pull-ups 15x GHD Sit-ups *Priority is solid gymnastics form! Tight body on dips and pull-ups!* Coaches will work with you to clean up
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