Workout of the Day

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MONDAY, June 19th 2017 WOD METCON -Hopper Day!- *We will use The Hopper to decide which WOD you will complete first 1. “Sorta-tude” 20 min EMOM: ODD: 15/12 cal row EVEN: 15 x burpees 2. 20 min EMOM: ODD: 150 m run EVEN: 15 x
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Rest day

SUNDAY, June 2017 Happy Father’s Day! WOD All Athletes: Rest Day   NEWS & UPDATES “I DON’T HAVE A SITTER. I WANT TO TRAIN. CAN I BRING MY KIDS” Rebels does not have a “day care” or “child care” option. ¬†What we do have is
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Saturday means TEAMWORK!

SATURDAY, June 17 2017 Happy Birthday Jana! WOD 8am Open Gym or Yoga 9am Coach Paul’s team WOD    NEWS & UPDATES “REBEL RUNNERS” Yea, it’s really “a thing”. We believe it was started by Coach  Moana and “The Davii” (Justin and Steph).  Every Sunday at
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Triple 3’s

FRIDAY, June 16 2017 Happy Birthday George T and Rachel M! WOD METCON Triple 3’s For Time: 3k row 300 x DU 3mi run *Strict 60 min cap, if you plan on RX’ing this WOD you MUST be here ready to start at H:00!  
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Globo Pump Day

THURSDAY, June 15 2017 Happy Birthday DJ Mello! WOD SWOD 5 x 3 BP @ 75% – 85% 1 rm Alt. 8 x BOR DB One attempt: ME BP -20-40lbs 5×5 DL @ 75% 1rm Alt. 1 x legless rope climb One attempt: ME UB
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