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“OPEN GYM” or Conditioning and Strength

THURSDAY, MARCH 23RD 2017 Happy Birthday Alan E & Joey Z!   “OPEN GYM” OR WOD SWOD 2. 3Rds NOT for time: ‘Pull-Push-Core‘ 10x Strict HSPU (Hardest Prog.) 10x Strict Chin up 20sec Bottom of Front Squat Hold (BB only! Active hold) “What will inevitably
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22ND 2017 WOD SWOD EMOM X 6Min: 2x SQ. CL & JK @ 70%1RM (Cont. from 3/13) METCON “A TRIBUTE TO THEO” For Time: 22x Cal Row 17x BJ 30/24 15x DL 185/135 12x C&J 185/135 9x FS 185/135 6 x 30 DU*
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TUESDAY, MARCH 21ST 2017 WOD METCON “Equalizer” 3RFT: 3x Legless Rope Climbs 6x PJ 185/135 12x DL 185/135 48x DU 48x WB 20/14 This workout has been nicknamed “Equalizer” for a reason! CrossFit is a sport that GLORIFIES the “GENERALISTS” and crushes the “SPECIALISTS.” Men
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Time Trials

MONDAY, MARCH 20TH 2017 WOD METCON We wanted to show you a video of the fastest 100 push-ups but an exhaustive search only yielded results of quarter reps.  Nobody seems to do full ROM push-ups!  WTH?!  Let’s set the mark today, chest-to-gound and arms locked
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SUNDAY, MARCH 19 2017 Happy Birthday Chris Johnston! (A.K.A CJ!) Take a rest day. Everyone’s doing it! 😉 See ya’ll Monday!  NEWS & UPDATES: WEDNESDAY (3/22) FIT LIFE FOODS‘ ANGELICA and new member of Rebels will be on site for the 5pm and 6pm classes
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