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FRIDAY, MARCH 28th 2017 We are 33 days out from Memorial Day Murph 2017!  Are you ready? WOD SKILL Re-test ME UB Pull ups Re-test ME UB Pushups …adequate rest METCON “Helen” 3RFT: 400M Run  21x KB Swing 55/35 12x Pull ups or (Pull ups) Comp
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THURSDAY, APRIL 27th 2017 WOD SKILL/SWOD CORE WORK 5RDS:  10 x hollow rock with PVC 10 x arch rock with PVC positioned overhead 60″ front plank or piller to press up 50′ walrus walk on furnish discs METCON OR… 5RFT: 400 m run 21 x DL
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26 2017 WOD METCON “WES” For time: Run 800 meters with a 25-lb. plate Then, 14 rounds of: 5 strict pull-ups 4 burpee box jumps, 24/20 3 cleans, 185/135 Then, run 800 meters with a 25-lb. plate U.S. Navy Lt. J. Wesley “Wes”
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Should be FAST!

TUESDAY, APRIL 25 2017 Happy Birthday Ruppel!     WOD SWOD 7+ Rds, climbing to a heavy set: HSn + OHS w/pause + SB w/pause METCON For Time: 100x DU 50x Push-up 40x T2B 30x Burpee 20x HSPU 100m Sprint   RX+ METCON Conditioning  AMRAP 4:
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Crossfit Total

MONDAY, APRIL 24 2017 Happy Birthday Rebecca Y, Shannon M. and Oscar!!   WOD SWOD CROSSFIT TOTAL BS 1-1-1 PR 1-1-1 DL 1-1-1 *Perform a single max effort for the lifts listed above. *After warm-ups, 3 attempts are allowed. *Total must be done in the specified
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