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Open Gym or Strength Options

THURSDAY, June 29th 2017 OPEN GYM… OR WOD SWOD Choose: A) 2Rds LBBS (x10 @ 50%)1 (x7 @ 65%)2 (x5 @ 75%)1 (x3 @ 85%)1 Alt. each set with 3x BJ 30/24 or B) 100x Curtis P’s 135/95 Curtis P= 1x PC+ FR Lunge each leg
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WEDNESDAY, June 28 2017 WOD SWOD Sn. Bal. 15min to est. heavy single Then 2×2 @ 80% METCON We do this WOD today in honor of….Scott “Scotty” Deem, 31, of San Antonio, Texas, who was killed while responding to a four-alarm structure fire on May
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EMOM + All the Push-ups!

TUESDAY, June 27, 2017 Happy Birthday Scott M!   WOD SKILL EMOM x14 Odd (RX): ME HS Walk for Distance Even: rest *You must have 15′ UB HS Walk to RX this EMOM. Alternate progression will be partner ME HS holds (freestanding with assistance) in
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MONDAY, June 26, 2017 Huge thanks to Leigh, Brian and Andi for snapping/sending these photos for us! Congratulations to all the Rebel Athletes who competed this weekend in Daytona Beach at the Bacon Beatdown. It’s becoming an annual tradition as reliable as Christmas that several
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SUNDAY, June 25th 2017 Happy Birthday Brandi & Lauren F.!   All athletes rest…except for those of you still competing in the Bacon Beat down today! 🙂  NEWS & UPDATES BOX RULES – just some reminders 🙂 LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR…or we’ll check
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