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Sprint or active recovery

Great job to our group of kiddos who competed yesterday in CrossFit 14’s Winter WODerland .  This was a fantastic youth comp! Congratulations to our CFR podium winners! Isaiah took 1st place in 5-7 age division and Sammy took 2nd in the 11-13 age division.
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Chris Griffin is the 2016 Summer Paleo Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to Chris Griffin who is the winner of the most recent Paleo Challenge. This week Chris will receive a check for $350!  Yep, it pays to eat healthy sometimes! Nicole and I were super pleased with the amount of “learning” that went on, and
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How Diversified is Your Diet -V3

Day 16! Almost there guys! Most Recently Update 6/24/2016 I’m reviving past RebelHealth Blog posts  as there’s no need recreate the wheel – why not modify and move on! And the topics are pertinent. HOW DIVERSIFIED IS YOUR DIET? I love this word: diversity. Every time
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Day: 15! Woohoo! Let’s talk a little about dairy.  Or, rather, let me direct you to Robb Wolf and Andy Deas talking a little about dairy!  Now, in no way shape or form is this us telling you not to drink milk. On the contrary,
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DAY 16! Let’s talk about CARBOHYDRATES, and let’s look at pictures so it goes  faster! This is a carbohydrate. This is a carbohydrate. This is a carbohydrate. …again, a carbohydrate. You guessed it! Another carbohydrate. Tricky, but also a carbohydrate. All different.   All plants.
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Sugar – a “SANE” indulgence

“On the surface of the tongue, certain proteins act as detectors for specific tastes. The sweetness receptor is made of two proteins in what is believed to be a structure like a Venus’ flytrap. When a sugar molecule attaches to the receptor, the receptor jogs
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Body Composition

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 Most of you are over the withdrawal hump, and starting to pick up speed.  Our second weekend is upon us, so let’s just say it now: “DON’T DO IT.” “BACK AWAY FROM THE BOWL OF CANDY.” “YES, YOU CAN WAIT ANOTHER DAY 
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Tuesday, June 21th, 2016.  DAY 11! We all embarked on this paleo journey for different reasons–some to look better naked, some to get faster, improve blood pressure or cholesterol, maybe you want to lose body fat or maybe you’re participating in the challenge just to
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A Responsible Diet

I’m not easily rattled by ignorance or people who jump to erroneous conclusions, but lately, I’ve been irritated beyond reproach. Most of those of you who train at Rebels know I’m not a Nazi when it comes to Paleo, but I do understand enough, have
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Time to talk about POOP

SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2016.  DAY 10. When you end today, you’re officially over the hump! You should be feeling over the hump by now.    Settling into a scheduled routine of eating, tracking…you’re starting to know what 4 or 8 ounces of meat looks like without weighing it, right?
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