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Produce/Outdoor Markets & Farms

Outdoor & Farmers’ Markets are neighborhood-based gatherings of local growers, producers and sellers of fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, and other products, generally with a culinary or health focus.  You get one-on-one contact with the vendor, so questions regarding where the item originated from or how it was raised, grown or produced can be answered and discussed.   Outdoor & Farmers’  Markets are typically more cost effective than the grocery store, and they provide a good link between you, the consumer, and the land – or where the product originated.  Foods are fresher and typically healthier from this venue.   They can be a source of information and inspiration on how to cook and prepare fresh ingredients.


Meat & Seafood Markets

Fresh Organic Meat & Seafood

Search out your local Meat & Seafood Markets, and you’ll not be sorry!  The animals that produce organic meats are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides or other artificial drugs. Most of these animals are allowed to roam in grass-fed pastures. The grain and hay they eat are organic. The old saying, “you are what you eat,” certainly applies here.


Healthfood Stores

Selling food, not just supplements. Although some conventional grocery stores are finally carrying organic produce and natural products in limited quantities, you’ll pay a higher price for them there than at the health food store. Furthermore, the owners and management of conventional stores are often driven mainly by profits, while owners of health food stores are driven by both profits and a philosophy. The philosophy is that we should only use products that are healthy for us and for the environment. Every business must make a profit to stay in business, but not necessarily at the expense of our health or the environment! Health food stores carry not only a wide selection of organic produce, but also carry almost all the other types of products you would find at a conventional store—only these products are more healthy for us and the environment.
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