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Chalk Etiquette

Chalk It’s one of the fun parts of CrossFit. Make you feel like a bad ass, right? The slow saunter over to the bucket – you’re feeling a little John Wayne meets Gangster gunslinger.  The silky feel of the chalk on your hand that are
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Happy New Year Rebels!  Sam here.  And this is our New Year’s Post! The new hip thing is to say you don’t have or don’t do resolutions or goals…but why? Why not commit (openly to others and to ourselves) to try to be a little
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We are CrossFit Rebels!

Welcome to CrossFit Rebels! I’ve been trying to frame this post since January.  At times I’m stumped, and sometimes tongue-tied.  Other times, I’m fuming, and then, elated. Most of the time, I know I’ll be too long winded so I just put it off. But
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HGH, HIIT, Sleep and Fasting

  WANT TO GET LEANER? WANT TO HEAL FASTER? WANT TO BUILD MUSCLE FASTER? All of the above are things we truly, secretly want whether we have the guts to say it out loud or not. Even those women wanting that waify look should take
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So Now What?

The 2017 CrossFit Open is over.  Maybe you’ve worked for months or a year or more to achieve something special for this.  Maybe you signed up from peer pressure or on a whim.  Either way, whatever your motivations were, it’s over.  You DID IT!  Some
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How To Set CrossFit Goals

It’s January, the month we all tend to make annual plans, we’ve wiped out the 2016 goal board and are starting to push you to put new goals up, and registration for the 2017 CrossFit Games Open is live.  There you have it:  THREE MAJOR
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The 2017 Rebel “Fitness” Manifesto

    I have tried to sit down and write this so many times…usually invigorated by the “I need more cardio” or “I don’t want to get big” (from a female) or “I need to lift more” (from a male)…or the “We need longer WODs”,
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Welcome Coach Holly

CrossFit Rebels welcomes Coach Holly to the Team   It makes me exceptionally proud to announce to our community that Holly LaRossa has joined our box as a new Coach. She has been shadowing the past month, passed her CrossFit Level 1 and will now
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Testimonial from Janice Piro

             I first started private coaching with Paul Chapman a year and a half ago because I was getting frustrated with the squat snatch. Also, I wanted to work on ring muscle ups, not really believing that I would ever
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