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Entry into Rx+

Hey all! Coach Paul here, just wanting to share some information with all of our athlete! As you may or may not know, the Rx+ program is a program designed for athletes that would like to take their fitness to the next level… Competition! The
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Hemi’s New Adventure

It’s time we pull all the facts together and let everyone know what’s going on with “Mal’s new box” now that we have a lease and have applied for affiliation. Many of you may know (and if not, now you will), Mallory joined us as
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Why CrossFit is BETTER!!!

Coach Paul here! Being that we are almost at the end of January, I wanted to share a little something one of our athletes (Dorothy Suggs) shared with me. Dorothy found a little article in USA TODAY  stating what kind of DROPOUT statistics there are
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A Day in the Life….

Today (Monday 1/4/2016) is a day I have to share…as an example of following your dream, indulging your passion, and doing what you love.  It’s not often that I survive a day like this without a breakdown at some point due to the volume of
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CrossFit Kids Nutrition Workshop

CROSSFIT KIDS NUTRITION WORKSHOP Coach Nicole and Coach Christina led the CrossFit Kids, their friends and parents through a guided tour of what eating looks and feels like, versus what junk food and unhealthy eating looks and feels like. The energy and alertness and “feel
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Volume, Recovery, Health and Choices

Volume, Recovery, Health & Choices I encountered an interesting series of events yesterday and they culminate in this post.  As many of you know, Ed, Paul, Adam & I have the great pleasure and honor of training about 50 athletes over the age of 70,
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On Sleep

On Sleep… Related to Performance, Body Composition & Stress Management We all know sleep is essential. You can’t live without water, protein and sleep. Literally. Ed, Paul, Adam, Nic, Kristin and I attended a Masters Athlete seminar recently and sleep was one of the topics,
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The Rebel Guide to Competition Prep

  The CrossFit Games season always brings a surge in everyday CrossFit athletes’ desire to “compete”. And why not? It’s exhilarating….so much more so than the daily WOD.  More pressure. More at stake. And it’s a whole day (or two day) event! Bring on the
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16 Ways You “Eff-up” CrossFit: 13-16

Compiled by some of your Coaches: Ed, Sam, Mal, Paul… 16 WAYS YOU ‘EFF-UP’ CROSSFIT: #’s 13-16 If you missed the first few posts, do check them out first: Part 1: 16 Ways  You “Eff-Up” CrossFit: #’s 1-4“, and Part 2: 16 Ways You “Eff-Up” CrossFit: #’s
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16 Ways You “Eff-up” CrossFit: 9-12

10Compiled by some of your Coaches: Ed, Sam, Mal, Paul… 16 WAYS YOU ‘EFF-UP’ CROSSFIT: #’s 9-12 If you missed the first few posts, do check them out first: Part 1: 16 Ways  You “Eff-Up” CrossFit: #’s 1-4“, and Part 2: 16 Ways You “Eff-Up”
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