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Have a Bagel Day

  Today is “Have a Bagel Day”.  Obviously under our CrossFit umbrella of… Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. –Greg Glassman, “What is Fitness?,” CrossFit
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Mouth is back at Rebels! (More)

  Coach Sam here. Sometimes when forced to change, you realize the benefits of the change even though it’s hard. Many of you know, 3 years ago, Ed created and has run the “offsite Legends” program for an organization he once chaired.  We contracted with
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Coach Nicole’s 2018 CF Kids Spring Jamboree, In-house “Family Edition” was a complete hit! In a mere 2 weeks, Coach Nic pulled off a comprehensive competition complete with judges, scoring, and sponsors…not to mention 26 Teams of two! It’s impossible to express our gratitude for
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BE THERE THIS SATURDAY TO SUPPORT OUR REBEL KIDS!  Parent/relative/friend will team up with a CrossFit Kid for  3 WOD’s! If you’d like to help out in any way please contact Coach Nic at the gym or email: nicole@crossfitrebels.com This year Coach Nic devised a  competition where
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8 Years of Rebels

Hello, Rebels! Sam here. I couldn’t help inserting “old pictures” along the way of this post….enjoy! Ed and I wanted to put out a quick post to thank everyone who has made our box (your box) such an amazing place to get healthy and fit,
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Not Much Has Changed

Sam and Ed here again. Ending day one, on to day two. Not much has changed in four years…maybe an emphasis on genetic testing, epigenetics and stem cell therapy…but the basics are still the same: Eat whole, unprocessed food avoiding highly processed, highly palatable and
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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Hey Rebels! Sam here. Ed and I “stepped out of town” this weekend to attend PaleoFX in Austin, Tx.  PaleoFX is a three-day health and wellness conference that’s been around for at least 5 years.  We attended in 2014 and it was amazing. The coordinators bring
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Athlete of the Quarter: Zack B.

Congratulations Zack Barriger on earning our Q2 Athlete of the Quarter!!!     Rebels is pleased to announce our Athlete of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2018: Zack Barriger! Zack started with us about a year ago and has fully embraced CrossFit. He
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A Post from Ed

Sometimes “Thank You” doesn’t seem like enough. My 2018 CrossFit Season ended today. I’m a bit embarrassed to share, but Madison, WI, and the CrossFit Games was my goal…and I came up short.  You know what they say “Go Big or Go Home”. My note
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Maximizing Your Potential GOAL SETTING: PART 3 CrossFit Games athlete and former Navy SEAL, Josh Bridges was recently interviewed and what he said really resonated with me. He was asked if being a Navy SEAL benefits him now while training and competing in CrossFit. He responded by
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