Phil Doganiero 3-Bridge Half Marathon

PHIL DOGANIERO 3-Bridge Half Marathon


This is the 2nd year for the  Phil Doganiero 3 Bridge Half Marathon, 5K, and 1 mile fun walk.

This year it will take place on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at Coachman Park, Clearwater Florida.

Click here -> for the PHIL DOGANIERO 3 BRIDGE RACE WEBSITE to learn more about it and the history.

The proceeds from the race will help further the Clearwater For Youth mission that no child will be denied the ability to play in a sports program because of financial concerns.

Whether you ran with us in 2017 or are running with us for the first time, this is your chance to be a part of a worthy cause! It’s an amazing race!

Phil “Juice” Doganiero was born Feb. 24, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York to the late Philip and Catherine Doganiero.  With luck on its side, Clearwater would never be the same for in 1971 his family moved to Clearwater where Phil attended Oak Grove Middle School and while at Clearwater High School (CHS) he was highly regarded for his contributions to the varsity football team receiving a Varsity Letterman all 4 years.  Phil went onto receive his B.A. in Business from Florida State University in 1979.  As an original CFY Board of Trustees member Phil was recognized as the 1996 Frederick E. Fisher Humanitarian of the Year for his commitment to Clearwater For Youth and his love and support of local youth athletics.  An avid sportsman and tri-athlete, Phil knew how to motivate and be a driving force for not only himself but everyone around him.  He competed at the highest level in international acclaimed events like the 1997 Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii.  Off the field, Phil was known for his business acumen and fairness. He built several companies from the ground up, including National Data Products, Inc. (NDP) which he founded in 1982 and merged with Dataflex, a national publicly traded powerhouse, in 1997.  Another milestone would be achieved in 1999, when he led a small group of angel investors into a promising new concept known as PODS which went onto becoming an international moving and storage titan.

Today, we marvel at how his life transcended the generational gap inspiring both peers and youth alike with the spirit of generosity, distinction & ethics which is arguably his crowning achievement.  For this achievement, the 3 Bridge Race was created and named in his honor.  This race serves not as a memorial to Phil but a celebration of his lasting legacy, one full of generosity, love, and family.

More information, including registration, is here!


It is very difficult and probably unwise to do a race like this without training.  Enter: your CrossFit Rebels Half Marathon Training Program. This is a tried and true program that takes into consideration your CrossFit training which is very beneficial to long distance training.

Below is the training program for this year’s Half Marathon, with dates beginning the first week of August!14 Week Phil D Half Marathon Training Program for Blog

Tempo Runs and LSD (no, not the drug, but rather long slow distance) your two types of runs.

Tempo Runs are also known as Threshold Runs.  They are at a pace determined by the following pace chart.  For Rebels, you know the marks on the street for 200m, 400m, 800m and a mile, so you can use those marks to help pace out your runs.  Tempo runs should feel comfortably hard. The advantages of utilizing tempo runs are numerous. Notably, running at a sustained, hard pace for a long period of time builds endurance. Tempo runs train your cardiovascular and muscular systems to better deal with fast paces over longer races. Those who lack endurance often struggle in the middle to late stages of racing. (credit www.milesplit.com)