Getting Started with CrossFit Kids

Febmarch 114.JPGThe benefits of a program like CrossFit Kids can be long lasting for children, both physically and mentally, and it is a great activity for children to get into at any age.

There are three main areas that kids gain from CrossFit:

1. Early Lifestyle Habits: instill the value of fitness at an early age. Our program is focused on safety and fun – learning that fitness can be fun is important! Kids will naturally make health and fitness a priority for their future. 

2. Emotionally: as with other sports, kids will build sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, listening skills, self-discipline and manners. These are all skills, though not physical, that will help kids become successful later in life.  Watch your children’s self esteem and confidence boost!

3. Physically: CrossFit is great for kids because of the wide variety of disciplines it involves, from weightlifting to calisthenics to gymnastics. Kids brains are like little sponges, itching to make neurological connections and adaptations. These connections in the brain are made in response to stimuli. The more kids can be exposed to when they are young, the more connections and capacities they develop and retain for the rest of their lives. 

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CrossFit Kids is an evolving program, where new concepts are investigated, implemented
and evaluated. It is a progressive program offering classes in the following age

1.) Kids (Pre-school) (ages 4-8)
2.) Pre-Teen (ages 9-12)


Here’s how to get started:
1. Schedule a “Test Drive” is an opportunity to “try before you buy”.  Come meet the staff, tour the facility and ask questions, and allow your child to test out a class.  These must be scheduled in advanced! That first “test drive” is gratis.  We truly want you and your kid to know that this is the type of training he/she wants to do.   If you do like it, then we will have you fill out some necessary paperwork and your child will be filtered right into the classes!

2. Commit! Submit paperwork and begin scheduling training times! 

3. Pricing info and schedule of classes can be found HERE

4. For more info about how to get started or to schedule a Test Drive email: 

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