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RANT #3: 10/24/2012  No Faith in Society ~by Coach Sam

I have no faith in society today.  In my inbox this morning – personal, not Rebels – I found this:

A Groupon for Dunkin Donuts…for only $5.00, I can get $10.00 worth of…crap.  Sugar, Flour, Partially Hydrogenated Oil, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Blue Color additive (FD&C Blue Color #1)… and then a volcanic happy rush, unknown spike in insulin, and a massive avalanche of blood sugar crashing….now I’m tired.  It’s hard to fight the symptoms of withdrawal from sugar and wheat and bad fats when this kinda crap is in your email inbox in the morning!  And it’s not just withdrawal, it’s habits.  Trying to break lifelong habits of eating the wrong foods…while being confronted daily in your email, on Facebook, on TV, on Twitter, in Pinterest…Food….and BAD FOOD…is everywhere.

But have faith.  This EPIC RANT about losing faith in society sort of has a balancing point.  Yes, we will continue to have this kind of crap in our lives, as long as we live in 21st century, have “media” so abundant, and have friends and family who just don’t see things the way we do.  That’s OK – really it is!

Because it’s a good thing we have CrossFit, the CrossFit community, our fellow Paleo Lifestyle believers…and outlets like this to complain about stuff like this!  What a stress reliever – it’s off my chest and on your back now!  What are you gonna do about it?

It’s a good thing people like “G”, new to CF and new to Paleo, are invigorated about these lifestyle changes and are out there searching for….something better!  It warms my heart to know that a few years back I used to bitch and moan that while coupon clipping, there were never coupons for veggies or grassfed meats.  Lo and behold….”G” has showed us that the whole world’s not gone crazy…he found a Living Social Deal for Amy’s Fresh Delivery….organic veggies  – 50% off! Thanks G!  There ARE COUPONS for healthy food.  This rant just became a RAVE!  So if you haven’t signed up for Living Social or Groupon for our area, do it NOW!  You’ll still have to sift through the Dunkin Donuts offers, but at least you know better ones are on the horizon!

RANT #2: 10/1/2012 You have a choice ~ by Coach Mouth

I was fortunate to have a conversation with a fellow CrossFitter and Level 1 Coach this weekend.  We were stimulated to exchange our feelings about where athletes choose to train.

So, who are the greatest surgeons in the world?  More importantly, how does our society measure the greatest knee, heart, or neurosurgeons in the world?

“Great” by whose standard?  Do you believe these surgeons have the best personalities, are the friendliest, have the best bed side manners?

So what makes up the greatest CrossFit boxes in the world?

Location, price, cleanliness, friendly atmosphere?   What about the educational and experiences of your CrossFit coach? Does education matter? Years of experience?  CrossFit is set up by it’s very nature so that “anyone” with a passion can open a box. And for that reason, CrossFit has grown exponentially in the past several years.  But the HQ programming is also very different today than it was in 2003.    The level of sophistication and difficulty is rising, and so will the stakes.  Does basic anatomy, physiology and kinesiology matter to you?  Someone once qualified to me when we were speaking about the study of movement, that their training as a paramedic taught them a lot…I’m sorry, but here’s where you have to be a “think on your feet” kinda person…really?  They teach kinesiology or exercise science in paramedic school?

What should matter to you as a patient or an athlete is one thing…RESULTS.  It’s fantastic if your surgeon is handsome or beautiful, nice smelling breath, friendly and compassionate.  It’s more important that they are well educated, have done the procedure hundreds of times, have the experience to navigate around the unexpected when the “textbook” case isn’t on the gurney, unconscious, under anesthesia.

Ask your CrossFit coach for their credentials.  Why not? You ask your building contractor for their resume, your potential new employee for three references, your physician how many surgical cases they’ve done…is any mechanic qualified to perform a tune-up on your Porsche?

Education, experience, qualification matter.  

Don’t trust your leaky roof, your broken car, your kids to just any one.  

CrossFit is a lifestyle.  Much more than just an exercise program.  

Don’t trust your life to just anyone.  Use your voice: ask!

~Mouth out!



RANT #1:  Quality of Coaching ~ by Coach Mouth 9/15/2012

To open a CrossFit box, mandated education is a weekend course and passage of a 50 question exam.  Sure, you need a location (could be your garage) and about two grand to be able to use the rights to name “CrossFit”, but that’s about it.

Where you CrossFit is a choice based on many factors.  Location, price, cleanliness, friendly atmosphere, etc.  In fact, recently we were forwarded a copy of a local survey done of 200 CrossFit members (various boxes).  The two biggest factors in people choosing a box were location and because they were referred by someone.  The main reasons people stayed with their box were results, community, challenge and coaching.  The top two things people would change about their box were more classes and better equipment.   It was an interesting survey!

We’ve seen a lot of boxes in the past several years.  The more we do this, the more it becomes apparent that based on the vast array of athletes that walk in our door – fit, less than fit, dealing with past injuries, metabolic diseases, lack of confidence, shyness, overweight, underweight…we realize that the more well-rounded our coaching staff is the better equipped we are to deal with all sorts of new athletes.

  • Does it matter to you if your coach is an experienced CrossFitter? 
  • How long have they coached? How many “bodies in motion” they’ve observed?
  • Should they be educated in anatomy, physiology or kinesiology (the study of human movement)?  
  • Do they have any experience in educating people in physical movement…teaching kinesthetic awareness?
  • Does it matter if their current license or certification mandates annual continuing education?
  • If they don’t know the answer to your question, do they work through it with you?…seek out the answer?…or do they make it up?
  • Does your coach recognize / have experience and understand the process of programming to create short term, long term and life long goals?  
  • Does it matter if your coach follows their own advise to you in their life…how they train…their diet?  
  • Does it matter to you?
  • A strict shoulder press with thoracolumbar hyperextension (mid-low back “leaning” back) can cause “facet joint irritation“.  Where are the facets located? How is the care for this different than a disc injury?  Does it matter if your coach knows this?  We do strict shoulder pressing in CrossFit!

  • Why are valgus (knock-kneed) individuals more prone to kneecap pain? Specifically…why? (Picture 2 to the right.  The image on the left is “valgus”)

  • What is the pain in the front of my hip when I squat and how can I correct it?


  • Is there a difference between a shoulder dislocation and a separation?  What CrossFit skill should be avoided if you’ve had either?


  • At a glance, can your coach analyse your daily food intake and take into consideration your age, gender, activity level, metabolic medical history, personal goals and current lifestyle and recommend specific changes that are individualized for you and help you achieve your goals?  (Paleo isn’t a “one size fits all” lifestyle, and it doesn’t happen by posting a cookie recipe or a “Meal of the Day” widget on a website.)
At CrossFit Rebels, our coaches pride themselves on progressive, current education.  We are formally educated, certified within our “sport”, and empirically tested over and over and over again with each new athlete we encounter.  We are lucky that one of the owners (yea, me!) has a medical background and has seen a bevvy of sports and exercise related injuries.  I’ve seen what getting addicted to CrossFit and pushing too hard can do.  I’ve been there – suffered the injuries, rehabbed them and moved forward.  I’ve watched my business partner and wife do the same thing, and some of our coaches.  It’s a little bit “nature of the beast”.  I just can’t imagine if I didn’t know what I know, having a coach who couldn’t address a minor tweak or a potentially serious injury.

Weekly, there are five coaches involved and a minimum of 4 hours spent programming the various programs and athletes in our box.  These five full-time and dedicated coaches make their living caring for our athletes.  Our Programming & Operational Manual encompasses our template, highlights an 8+ year history of movements, Benchmark Girls, skills and weaknesses.  Our box and athlete scores are compared with an international performance tracking and comparison software (BTWB) to ensure our athletes are competitive with other CrossFitters throughout the US and world.
Weekly, the five full-time coaches meet and discuss new athletes and their abilities, current tweaks, pulls/strains/sprains and injuries and how we’re scaling around and rehabbing those athletes.

At CrossFit Rebels, your training schedule is not dependent on a coaches other full-time endeavor, shift or schedule, days on or off.  In addition to our fantastic part-time staff, our core group of full-time coaches ensures each class is well covered for the athletes and their abilities within the class.

In a nutshell, yea, we do it right, from top to bottom and from beginning to end.  That’s my opinion, and that’s my reality.

~Mouth out!





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