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OH series & Tabata

Thursday, 7/12/2018. WARM UP: 2 min DU practice/25-50 x DU shoot thrus -> forward rolls -> SKILL/STRENGTH PRACTICE Part 1. 5 sets of 3-2-1 x OH series Part 2. 2-3 sets 8/8 x DB RDL 5 x negative pull ups 10 sec L hold WORKOUT
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Ropes and tabata

Tuesday, 7/10/2018. NEW EVENT HAPPENING IN 2 WEEKS!  2018 CROSSFIT KIDS JAMBOREE: FAMILY EDITION Parent/relative/friend will team up with their CFK for  3 WODs If you’d like to help out in any way please contact Coach Nic at the gym or email : nicole@crossfitrebels.com DONATE: Coach
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Teams of 3 Sq Cln thruster combo

Monday, 7/9/2018. WARM UP: 1. knockout 2. OH MB duck walk -> push ups ->  Br jump -> L/R arm roll ->OHWL Practice: 1. Max 1 legged box jump to balance 2. Complete 3 sets 2 x skin the cat + 30 sec (a) back plank (b)
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Heavy back squats

Tuesday, 7/5/2018. WARM UP: mobility drills, bike SKILL/STRENGTH PRACTICE Backsquat seated box jump Chin ups WORKOUT 50 push ups every time you break, sprint 100 m Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Tire flippin’ obstacle course + YOGA

Monday, 7/2/2018. WARM UP: 2 sets: 15-25 x Double unders or 30 x speed rope forward rolls find a buddy for either chin over bar challenge or hold 30 sec together SKILL/STRENGTH PRACTICE WORKOUT 3 sets Zig zag sprint -> wall climb -> balance walk
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Strict skills and Barbell complex

Monday, 7/2/2018. WARM UP: Game SKILL/STRENGTH PRACTICE 15 mins to work quality rounds of: 7x Strict T2B 5x Strict (def) HSPU 5x Strict Ring Dip w/3″pause at bottom 3x Strict C2B Chin ups 10m HS Walk WORKOUT 5 MIN Barbell Complex for sub maximal load
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Bench-burpee circuit + YOGA

Tuesday, 6/26/2018. SWAMP BALL WARM UPGAME SKILL PRACTICE 800 m run timed WORKOUT 10! Decending Bench/floor press ascending burpees Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Double under with some DB C&J

Monday, 6/25/2018. WARM UP: 3 min bike followed by iso holds SKILL/STRENGTH PRACTICE tabata pull ups tabata sit ups WORKOUT 50 x DU 20 x Db c&J 35 x DU 15 x Db burpee 50 x DU 20 x Db c&J Subscribe to the comments on
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Strength and WB EMOM

Thursday, 6/21/2018. WARM UP Sled relay High knees, lunge, high knee pull, bum kicks group: wall facing HS scaps -> hollow -> L/R MB balance 1 min laying squat mobility + pigeon KIDS: 2 groups: (a) 5 x BS -> 5 x push ups ->
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Partner WOD

Tuesday, 6/19/2018. WARM UP: 50 x JR 15 x OHS 30 sec hang 15 x BE 30 sec HS SKILL/STRENGTH PRACTICE: 2 x sets max chins 15 x GHD sit ups WORKOUT: 8 rounds 5 x sQUAT CLEANS 10 X BOX JUMPS WHEN FINISHED…SPRINTS! Subscribe
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