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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, 11/22/2018 – No Classes today. Classes resume Monday, 11/26. Thanksgiving is the time of year we celebrate what we are thankful for. When you gather around the table with friends and relatives at Thanksgiving, give thanks for your good health. It is hard work
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CFK Open Gym

Thursday,10/8/2018 Warm Up: Bike 5 min FOCUS: OPEN GYM Part 1: pick 3-4 movements to practice for 30 min Part 2: spend 10 min playing any ball sport Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

AMRAP & Relay plate pulls

Tuesday,11/5/201 Warm Up: Dodgeball Skills: 5 MIN practice –> 2 x skin the cats + 1 max broad jump Conditioning: Part 1: 6 MIN AMRAP 5 x POWER cleans 15 x DU 15 x squats Part 2: Race a buddy 30 ft weighted pulls + plank
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Skills and sleds

Tuesday,10/16/2018 Warm Up: Bike 10 Cal -> KB bottoms ups + swings -> slow WB Practice: 2 x 1 min stations HS drill 5-7x strict pull up DU Conditioning: Partner sled push -> farmers carry -> wall climbs Subscribe to the comments on this post
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Run repeats

Monday,10/15/2018 5 min group warm Up:  Cardio Conditioning: 3 rounds for time: 800 m run * rest 3 min after each run Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Bear Complex

Thursday,10/11/2018 Warm Up: 350 m row 50 x singles 10 x PVC passes 10 x planche push ups 30 sec hang – hollow – 1 leg balance WOD: BEAR COMPLEX 5 rounds for best load – must complete 5 sets of the following sequence 1
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“Death BY” + plyo jumps

Tuesday,10/2/2018 Warm Up: LINE DRILLS + 10 x low box jumps 10 L/R x Bulgarian Squat ring pull ups ring push ups or bar push ups + support hold 12 x GM WODs Part 1: Death by Back Squat – 15 min CAP 1 back
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Ladder Push Jerks

Monday, 10/1/2018 Warm Up: agility course 5 x ring pull up 20 x lunge 15 x planche pushup 5 x ring pull up 50 x singles or 35 x DU   Conditioning: 15 x push jerk @ empty bar 400 m run 12 x push
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Tuesday, 9/25/2018 Focus: HS/HSPU Conditioning: “CHRISTINE” 3 rounds 350-500m row 12 x deadlifts 21x box jumps Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Curtis P Pull up EMOM

Thursday, 9/20/2018 Warm Up: 5 min DU practice Strength Focus: EMOM 10 min ODD: 2 x “Curtis P’s” = HPC + Barbell reverse lunge L & R + PP EVEN: 5 x kipping pull ups Partner CORE Subscribe to the comments on this post Print
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