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Open gym, core, tabata bike!

Thursday, 7/20/2017. WARM UP: GAME SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS: OPEN GYM or SKILL SHEETS WOD: Part 1:TABATA BIKE Part 2: GROUP CORE Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Backwards test

Tuesday, 7/18/2017. WARM UP:  Backwards tic tac toe relay alt stations 2 x 30 sec mat tuck jumps/ tuck jumps 2 plank HS kick ups/toe taps SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS: 3-4 rounds for quality 10 sec ring support or bar support + negative dip rope climb attempt
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Squat cleans

Monday, 7/17/2017. WARM UP:  Relay Plank line taps -> 3 x MB throws -> MB roll/run then 2 rounds of bodyweight warm up 5 x ring rows or strict pull ups -> 10 x squats -> 15 sec hollow hold SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS: single leg box
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Rope climbs and jumps

Thursday, 7/13/2017. WARM UP:  single dutch 2 sets : limbo -> dot drill -> PVC shoot through -> walking lunge -> bum kicks SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS: Seated single leg box jumps & stability ball balance drill WOD: 3 rounds 3-2-1 x rope climb 12-10-8 reps of
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Shoulder strength

Tuesday, 7/11/2017. WARM UP: 10 PVC pass-throughs => 10 PVC overhead squats => 10 overhead walking lunges w/PVC => 10 one-legged side-to-side hops over PVC, each leg => 25-meter side shuffle-180-degree turn-25-meter side shuffle => 50-meter back pedal SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS:  3 x 5 Strict press
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Thursday, 7/6/2017. WARM UP: Kids & PT: Box jump tag & rolling TEENS: 2 min DU drills & rolling SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS:  the deadlift WOD: Part 1: 3-6-9-6-3 x KB DL x burpees 100 m sprint Part 2: Partners 2 x 30 sec intervals OH MB
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8 sprints!

Thursday, 7/6/2017. WARM UP: DODGEBALL SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS: spend 10-15 min working on a skill of your choice WOD: Partners alt for 8 total rounds 5 x burpees 10 x jumping lunge or forward lunge 15 x double unders 25m shuttle sprint *rest FLEXIBILITY: YOGA Subscribe
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Independence Day – NO CFK classes

Tuesday, 7/4/2017. No CFK classes today.  Classes will resume on Thursday.  Enjoy the holiday!   Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

HS & Partner AMRAP

Monday, 7/3/2017. WARM UP: Choose assault 15 CAL bike or rowing then 3 rounds of CINDY SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS: Handstand work! 10 min EMOM: ODD: 3 x FREESTANDING (OR PARTNER ASST) HANDSTAND HOLD or HS progression EVEN: REST (partner goes) WOD: Can do solo or with
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Max efforts & partner chipper

Thursday 6/29/2017. Warm UP: 350 m row Speed ladder drill -> balance drill -> upside down drill SKILL–  15 min to complete both. Go in any order (1) Perform 1 set strict pull ups (2) Perform 1 set C2B pull ups –> scale : opt
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