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Memorial Day – no CFK classes

Monday 5/29/2017. Enjoy Memorial Day – there will be no CFK classes today. To those who have served: We thank you. We honor you. We remember you. Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend


Thursday 5/25/2017. Warm up: Line Drills Then 2 rounds of 2 x forward roll 2 stand -> 5 x broad jumps -> 10 x OHS -> 10 x push ups -> 10 x RR Strength 15 min open gym/SL-1 WOD Partners 400 m run 35
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3RFT and partner MB

Tuesday 5/23/2017. Warm up:  Kids: fish game PT/T: 350 m row -> then 5 x max vertical jumps -> SKILL after WOD: With a partner complete the following 5/5 x candlestick to MB catch and toss 10 x OH MB throw @ 6-12 ft 5/5
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Bodyweight skill & WOD

Monday 5/22/2017. Warm up: 2 x side shuffle taps -> 10x L & R 1 leg s2s hops 2 x forwards backwards shuffle taps -> 10 x WL steps Then do 30 sec bar hang -> 30 supermans -> 30 sec plank WOD Tabata push
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EMOM 50 rep challenge

Thursday 5/18/2017. Warm up: Kids: fish game PT & TEEN: 5 rounds of partner ROW BOWL SKILL 10 min of skill of L1 sheet or other skill WOD KIDS: 4 rounds: 1 min on 1 min to rest On –> 3-5 each of WB &
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Skill challenge & WOD outside

Tuesday 5/16/2017. Warm up: tic tac toe relay + BW exercise 2 x 10 x each: wall facing sq/OHS -> push up -> bar press outs/dips/box dips -> sit ups -> RR/pull ups Skill Rolling + Coordination + Balance challenge WOD Chipper do 2 x
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Bear complex!

Monday 5/15/2017. Warm up: 200 – 400 m jog PVC Group warm up for WOD KIDS: Youth Bear complex 1 x PC/HPC + 1 x FS + 1 x PP For practice or a challenge depending on proficiency and awareness PT & TEENS “BEAR COMPLEX”
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Unilateral WOD

Thursday 5/11/2017. Warm up: Dodgeball! SKILL: 5 min goal practice  WOD using 1 DB, complete 12-10-8 reps x L 1 arm snatch x L arm walking lunge x R 1 arm snatch x R arm walking lunge x wt sit ups (may secure feet) Part
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Fun gymnastics & a Partner workout

Tuesday 5/9/2017. Warm up: Line drills Strength 2 x rounds – Rotating stations, 30 sec on 20-30 sec transition A. alt 1 legged squat /2 box /box squats B. Freestanding HS balance /kick ups/ use mat C. pull ups – any style Partner WOD Short
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Barbell complex

Monday 5/8/2017. Warm up: 2 sets…warm up pace. 100 m job + 15-25 x DU 10 x push ups -> 10 x PVC OHS -> 10 x rr/pull ups Skill: T2b drills WOD 3-6-9-6-3 reps of DL HPC FS Flexibility: Couch, lax ball t-spine, wrists &
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