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Stability skills + partner WOD

Tuesday, 5/29/2018. WARM UP: army crawl -> cart wheels -> 20 sec mnt climbers WL -> rolls -> 20 sec bar hang -> cart wheels -> 20 sec SKILL/STRENGTH PRACTICE: Station 1: Paralettes – frog stand WORKOUT: PT/T:TEAMS OF 2 30 x DL ->25 x
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Monday, 5/28/2018. MEMORIAL DAY – NO CLASSES! Normal class times will resume tomorrow. Enjoy the day! Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. Go here for a good Memorial Day History! http://www.usmemorialday.org/backgrnd.html
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Tuesday, 5/26/2018. WARM UP: SKILL/STRENGTH PRACTICE: WORKOUT: Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend


Thursday, 5/24/2018 WARM UP Ladder Drills then 1 x 30 sec stations: beat swings push ups PVC OHS 1 leg MB stability drill HS hold WORKOUT EMOM **PT CLASS** ODD:complete defending ladder on the minute 5-4-3-2-1 x snatch (full squat) EVEN:5 x Burpee broad jump
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Clean & Jerk practice +Yoga

Tuesday, 5/22/2018. WARM UP 2 x 30sec stations JR or DU birddog OHS SKILL/STRENGTH 15 min clean and jerk practice WOD 5 min amraps (A) 1 x rope climb + 15 x sit ups (B) Plate flips + OH LUNGE Subscribe to the comments on
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Monday, 5/21/2018. WARM UP GAME WOD –  Yesterday, May 20th, would have been Chris Griffin’s 37th birthday. Today we celebrate the memory of Chris, a Rebels athlete, but more importantly our friend, whose life was tragically cut short on May 5th, 2018. “For Chris” For
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1 leg stability & WB challenge

Tuesday, 5/15/2018. WARM UP circle dodge ball SKILL/STRENGTH 12 x 1 leg MB toss 12 x bowler squat 2 x knees 2 feet bottoms up KB walk WOD 5 rounds 5 x DL 5 x BJ 25 -20 -15 -10 -5 x WB rest 90
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Squat clean relay

Monday, 5/7/2018. WARM UP jump rope 2 x 8 rr- push ups -squats SKILL/STRENGTH over unders + press outs WOD 3-4 rounds each / 8 total 1 x shuttle run 7 x squat cleans 7 x burpees Subscribe to the comments on this post Print
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Thursday, 5/10/2018. WARM UP Partners KIDS: MB roll throw over box -> box jump over -> 7 x squats -> return PT/T : 1 x 30 sec high knees in place -> butt kicks -> 10 cal bike SKILL/STRENGTH MAX BROAD JUMP RETEST WOD Part
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Benchmark “Nicole” & YOGA

Tuesday, 5/8/2018. WARM UP GAME WOD 10 MIN of “NICOLE” 200 m run max effort pull ups YOGA TODAY! Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend