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Handstand fun & Unilateral challenge!

Tuesay 6/27/2017. Warm UP: RELAY SKILL EMOM x10 with adults Odd: ME HS Walk for Distance Even: rest 2 rounds: 12 x alternating 1 legged squats 50 ft x L arm OHWL 12 x alternating 1 legged squats 50 ft x R arm OHWL WOD
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30 x snatches!

Monday 6/26/2017. Warm UP: 40 mountain climbers 30 jumping jacks 20 squats 10 ring rows 200-meter jog SKILL (1) (2) SNATCH PREP WOD “ISABEL” with adults Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Skills and “ANNIE”

Thursday 6/22/2017. Warm UP:RELAY WITH A PARTER Partners alternate so each person hits each station 1 x 10 x squats —- squat hold 5 x burpees —- hollow hold 10 x grasshoppers — plank hold SKILL CHOOSE: HS-PULL UPS-ROPES WOD KIDS Running- Mini “Annie” 5
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EMOM cleans and burpees!

Tuesday 6/20/2017. Warm UP: 2 rounds: 30 sec DU -> 30 sec HS or wall crawl hold -> 30 sec superman hold -> 30 sec L leg hold with arms up -> 30 sec R leg hold with arm up SKILL Work with a partner
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Strict press with core

Monday 6/19/2017. Warm UP: 2 rounds of 10 x 1leg s2s hop each leg + 5 x PVC pass + 5 x OHS + 5 x press + 10 x OHWL 5 x strict chin ups or 10 x underhand ring rows -> 10 x
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Thursday 6/15/2017. Warm UP: Relay “don’t fall in the lava” Skill: 2 rounds: 30 sec HS variation + 1 x rope climb (any style) or 10 x ring rows WOD PREP with PVC WOD Work with a partner. Do 5 rounds each 9 x Sn grip
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Tuesday 6/13/2017. Warm UP: MB burpee challenge SKILL KIDS: Rings PT&T: 15 min – Choose a gymnastic skill of your choice WOD 1 x 400 m run for time 4 x wall climbs for time 25 x burpees for time Subscribe to the comments on
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“FRAN” with adults!

Monday 6/12/2017. Warm UP: KIDS – box jump tag, then animal crawls PT&T – 1 min JR (any style) Bear crawl -> 10 x rr WL -> 10 x wall facing squats SKILL Balance beam -> Bounding box jumps -> MB Throw WOD KIDS FRAN
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“Don’t drop the baby”

Thursday 6/8/2017. Warm UP: GERMAN DODGEBALL STRENGTH & SKILL 2 rounds 1 min plank hold 30 sec OH DB hold WOD “Don’t Drop the Baby” While one partner works, the other must hold the “baby” (kettlebell). The baby cannot be out down at all during
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Max efforts

Tuesday 6/6/2017. Warm UP: walking groaners -> bum kicks ->frankensteins -> 3/3 x 1 legged broad jump to balance -> plank hold -> superman hold then do 2 rounds of coach led: PVC pass thrus -> 5 x PVC OHS -> 10 x PVC OHWL
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