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Gymnastics-y Drills

Thursday 1/18/18. Warm up drills: Box Jump Tag Skill: Complete 4 sets Over unders + press out 5 x shoot thrus Bear crawl HS drill Workout: SLED push, then max effort pull ups Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a
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KB, WB, YOGA…woo!

Tuesday, 1/16/2018. WARM UPS: OUTSIDE multidirectional drills & wall climbs SKILL/STRENGTH PRACTICE: KB FOR KIDS: (1) KB pick ups (2) balance beam (3) upside down FOR PT/T GROUP: EMOM with a partner/ alternate (a) 8 x KB DL 6 x KB swing 4 x KB
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BB complex

Monday 1/15/18. Warm up drills: 2 x 30 sec grasshoppers -> high knees -> plank drill Skill: Rings – skin the cat & inverted holds Workout: Part 1: alternate 4x each for BB complex Part 2: 50 x MB sit ups Part 3: plate flips
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You pick skills + WOD interval style

Tuesday 1/9/18. Warm up drills: MB SHUTTLE RELAY Skill: 15 min to choose something you want to work on Workout: 4 rounds 10 sec seated PRESS + 10 sec lockout 30 sec Jump rope 30 sec alternating forward step lunges 10 sec s2s twist +
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Lifting & Yoga

Tuesday 1/9/18. WARM UP: Line drills: Bear walk -> lunge -> br jump -> 1 leg balance drills 8/8 1 leg Mb toss 8/8 1 leg MB DL STRENGTH: 3 x 8 DL 3 x 5 HPC 5 min HS practice WOD: Sprint 400 m
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1/2 “Cindy” & Sled

Monday 1/8/18. Warm up drills: 200 m jog forwards, 200 m jog backwards PVC passes + OHS 1 x wall crawl Workout: Kids: “CINDY” relay 5 x pull ups or jumping pull ups 5 x push ups 5 x squats PT/T: 10 min of “CINDY”
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Pulling & static holds

Thursday 1/4/18. Warm up drills: Jump rope 2 x 30 sec stations forwards, backwards shuttle run plank with jacks / plank with mat climb 1 leg dot drill Skill: Pull ups + 1. get upside down for 30 sec 2. Support hold 15-20 sec 3.
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“Grace” + YOGA

Tuesday 1/2/18. Warm up drills: agility ladder + tumbling + limbo Group PVC passes – OHS – single leg drills and grace prep Workout: Part 1: “GRACE” 30 x clean and jerks PART 2: Partner CORE Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for
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Monday 1/01/18 We wish you a wonderful New Year’s Day! Normal Class schedule will resume tomorrow. Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Balance and Cleans

Thursday 12/28/17. Warm up drills: Kids: multi directional running PT/T: 200 m forwards, 200 m backwards 2-3 rounds: 6 x squats -> 6 x push ups -> 6 x RR Skill: Balance Holds 30 sec L leg hold & 30 sec R leg hold 30 sec
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