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Power Lifts & Skill EMOM

Thursday 2/23/2017. Warm up: Row Bowl x 4 rounds each STRENGTH: 4 X 8 DEADLIFT 4 X 8 CHEST PRESSS WOD EMOM 6 min EVEN: 1 x Rope Climb anyway ODD: 3 x HSPU or box HSPU Partners: alternate for 2 rounds each 10 x hang
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Max Efforts & BB complex

Tuesday 2/21/2017. Warm up: DU practice then 2 rounds 2 x broad jumps + 2 x forward rolls 10 x push ups -> RR -> squats -> Skill work: Max Efforts kipping pull ups double unders 200 m sprint WOD Prep Complex Teams of 2 alternate
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Skills and team WOD

Monday 2/20/2017. Warm up: MB relay + empty BB complex Skill work 3-4 rounds 2 x skin the cats -> 8 x seated WB -> 8 x 1 leg squats WOD Teams 75 x WB 50 x box jumps 25 x burpee MB throw Flexibility:
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Strength and sleds

Thursday 2/16/2017. Warm up: GAME Skill work 5 min to work on skill of your choice Work with a partner to complete 4 rounds for quality 5 x box squats B1. 5-10 x sit up 2 stands B2. 5 x strict pull ups WOD SLED
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Reaction timing & partner WOD

Tuesday 2/14/2017. Happy Valentine’s Day! Warm up: Single Dutch 10 x each Contralateral superman -> birddog -> flamingo -> lunge reach Rolling Skill work 5 MIN HS practice – wall /freestanding Speed/reaction drills WOD Partners: 6 x shuttle sprint alt 3 rounds each 12-10-8 x
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Strength training and “ANNIE”

Monday 2/13/2017. Warm up: Line drills – bear crawl, groiners -> inch worm -> forward rolls -> WL -> single leg broad jumps 10 x beat swings -> 10 x push ups -> 10 x squats Strength/Skill: 3 x 8 FS 3 x 8 Press
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Running and Core Focused

Thursday 2/9/2017. Warm up: 350 m Row 3 sets 1 x log roll -> backwards beam walk -> ladder drill –> 10 x lunges/jump lunges –> 10 x push ups — 10 x pull up or RR WOD Part 1: Running warm up and clinic
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Tuesday 2/7/2017. Warm up: Game Strength/Skill: Oly Lifting – the Snatch WOD 4RFT: 10x PSn @ 55/35 35x DU -15 Min cap- Flexibility: lats, traps, hamstrings Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

WOD w adults

Monday 2/2/2017. Warm up: Tic Tac Toe relay Strength/Skill: 8Mins for distance – HS Walk WOD FOR TIME: 15-12-9 T2B WB THRUSTER 55/35 15 Min cap Flexibility:Triangle pose, 1/2 kneel split Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Bench, grip and OHS

Thursday 2/2/2017. Warm up: Blinded hoover ball Line drills Plate flips and bottoms up carry Strength/Skill: Choose 3 sets Bench Press x 5 10 x empty BB OHS Level 1 sheets or BBC only lifts WOD Partner surprise wod Flexibility: forearms, chest and shoulders Subscribe
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