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Happy Thanksgiving – NO CLASSES

Thursday, 11/23/2017. We are closed today, classes resume Monday, 11/27.   Thanksgiving is the time of year we celebrate what we are thankful for. When you gather around the table with friends and relatives at Thanksgiving, give thanks for your good health. It is hard
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Rope Climbs

Tuesday, 11/21/2017. WARM UP: HEAD 2 HEAD forwards/backwards challenge 3 x OBSTACLE box push -> 1-legged hurdle hop -> 8 x push ups  or 8 x roving push ups-> 8 x jump squats SKILL & STRENGTH DRILLS: 3 sets 1 x rope climb 3 x
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Hanging Hero WOD

Monday, 11/20/2017. WARM UP: SKILL & STRENGTH DRILLS: METCON: “Coffland” Hang from a pull-up bar for 4 minutes* *Each time you drop from the bar, perform: 200m run 10x push-ups Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Skill & Strength

Thursday, 11/16/2017. WARM UP: SKILL & STRENGTH DRILLS: Cycle through each drill/progression 3 x HS circle, 1 leg squat, Dips METCON: With a partner 3 rounds 10 x DL + hold 10 x OH DB PRESS Then complete 50 x V ups Subscribe to the
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Pull ups, OHS and Yoga

Tuesday, 11/14/2017. WARM UP: Ladder Drills + HS SKILL & STRENGTH DRILLS: Pull ups. Butterfly pull ups for those with kip. METCON: 3RFT: 10 x OHS 10 x burpee Cap 15min Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Double Hero WOD

Monday, 11/13/2017. WARM UP: Jump rope drills & game METCON: HERO 1:Brenton 5RFT 50′ Bear Crawl 50′ Standing Broad Jumps* *Every 5x Jumps, complete 3x burpees HERO 2: GRIFF 2 rounds SCALED: 400 m forwards run 200 m backwards Subscribe to the comments on this
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Thursday, 11/9/2017. WARM UP: 2 rounds of bodyweight : 5 x pull up 10 x push ups 10 x wall squats 10 x sit ups SKILL & STRENGTH DRILLS: I. Skills II. Practice clean and jerks METCON: “GRACE” – 30 x c&j for time Subscribe
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Tuesday, 11/7/2017. WARM UP: Burpee MB GAME SKILL & STRENGTH DRILLS: 2 rounds of ISO HOLDS: Chin over bar -> 1 leg balance w OH hold -> ring support or bar -> hollow METCON: 8 MIN AMRAP – PARTNERS 5 x burpees 10 x jump
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A Hero WOD

Monday, 11/6/2017. WARM UP: 200-400 m jog -> Bear crawl -> Lunge back, then 3 sets 1 x br jump -> 5 x squats -> 5 x push ups SKILL & STRENGTH DRILLS: FS 3-3-3-3-3 Experience athletes work up to a heavy set. METCON: “Adrian”
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Oh the sleds!

Thursday, 11/2/2017. WARM UP: 400 m jog -> WL 2 rounds of: 8 x underhand RR or 5 x chin up 8 x push ups/deficit 8 x OHS SKILL & STRENGTH DRILLS: Skill Level sheets or MU, HS, pull ups METCON: Teams of 3 5
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