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MB Speed Relay

Thursday, 8/17/2017. WARM UP:  400 m buddy run line drills then group challenge…accumulate 30 sec of the following: ring/bar support static hang or chin over bar squat hold on wall SKILL/STRENGTH: PRACTICE A SKILL OF YOUR CHOICE OR L-1 TEST OUT SHEETS WOD:   Partners
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How much can you Clean?

Tuesday, 8/15/2017. WARM UP:  KIdS: obstacle course with tarzan swings PT & T: 350 m row, then shoot thrus -> 30sec hang -> lunges -> 30 sec L sit SKILL KIDS: balance beam and rolling drills STRENGTH FOR PT & T: 10 min to work
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A partner WOD for squats

Monday, 8/14/2017. WARM UP:  Jump rope / DU practice 2 rounds of push ups, RR, lunge steps SKILL : #1 Skin the cat & OH sit ups #2 review the squat WOD: KIDS: alt partners 7 x thrusters 7 x burpees 1 x shuttle run
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Shoulder strength & Assault Bike!

Thursday, 8/10/2017. WARM UP:  400m buddy run High tech drills on speed ladder + upside down + lateral hops Squat Koosh Ball STRENGTH WORK:Work with a partner to complete 4 rounds each 3 x strict press -> 5 x push press -> 3- 5 x high
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Tuesday, 8/8/2017. WARM UP:  Kids shuttle drills + monkey bar travels PT & TEENS 15 CAL BIKE + group KB warm up with adults SKILLS: Kids – practice pick ups aka Deadlifts PT & TEENS – 2-3 rounds 1 x rope climb variation 10 x
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Snatch & sprint

Monday, 7/31/2017. WARM UP:  Rowing & bodyweight drills SKILL WORK: stability on rings, 1 legged WOD: 3 rounds 200 m run 15 x hang power snatch Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend


Thursday, 8/3/2017. WARM UP:  DUMP ROPE DRILLS 30 stations WOD: BB COMPLEX – 4 rounds x hang power snatch x back rack lunge x strict press Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

SNATCH & 400 m retest

Thursday, 7/27/2017. YOGA TODAY FOR K & PT WARM UP:  Ladder drills + line drills 2 x 30 sec wt superman flies in/outs ren rows SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS: SNATCH & OHS 10 x OHS 5 x 3 x HPS + 1 OHS 3 x 1 HPS
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Quick & speedy

Tuesday, 7/25/2017. WARM UP:  WOD: Part 1:RETEST 400 m SPRINT Part 2: 21-15-9 x box jumps x OH SIT UPS Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend


Thursday, 7/24/2017. WARM UP:  30 sec each sec Jump jacks -> high knees -> mnt climbers then do 2 sets of 8/8 1 leg jump to balance 10 x v ups or k2c 15 sec HS SKILL/STRENGTH FOCUS: RINGS & BALANCE DRILLS WOD: 1/2 “CINDY”
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