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CFK Open Gym

Thursday,10/8/2018 Warm Up: Bike 5 min FOCUS: OPEN GYM Part 1: pick 3-4 movements to practice for 30 min Part 2: spend 10 min playing any ball sport Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

AMRAP & Relay plate pulls

Tuesday,11/5/201 Warm Up: Dodgeball Skills: 5 MIN practice –> 2 x skin the cats + 1 max broad jump Conditioning: Part 1: 6 MIN AMRAP 5 x POWER cleans 15 x DU 15 x squats Part 2: Race a buddy 30 ft weighted pulls + plank
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Skills and sleds

Tuesday,10/16/2018 Warm Up: Bike 10 Cal -> KB bottoms ups + swings -> slow WB Practice: 2 x 1 min stations HS drill 5-7x strict pull up DU Conditioning: Partner sled push -> farmers carry -> wall climbs Subscribe to the comments on this post
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Run repeats

Monday,10/15/2018 5 min group warm Up:  Cardio Conditioning: 3 rounds for time: 800 m run * rest 3 min after each run Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Bear Complex

Thursday,10/11/2018 Warm Up: 350 m row 50 x singles 10 x PVC passes 10 x planche push ups 30 sec hang – hollow – 1 leg balance WOD: BEAR COMPLEX 5 rounds for best load – must complete 5 sets of the following sequence 1
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“Death BY” + plyo jumps

Tuesday,10/2/2018 Warm Up: LINE DRILLS + 10 x low box jumps 10 L/R x Bulgarian Squat ring pull ups ring push ups or bar push ups + support hold 12 x GM WODs Part 1: Death by Back Squat – 15 min CAP 1 back
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Ladder Push Jerks

Monday, 10/1/2018 Warm Up: agility course 5 x ring pull up 20 x lunge 15 x planche pushup 5 x ring pull up 50 x singles or 35 x DU   Conditioning: 15 x push jerk @ empty bar 400 m run 12 x push
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Tuesday, 9/25/2018 Focus: HS/HSPU Conditioning: “CHRISTINE” 3 rounds 350-500m row 12 x deadlifts 21x box jumps Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Curtis P Pull up EMOM

Thursday, 9/20/2018 Warm Up: 5 min DU practice Strength Focus: EMOM 10 min ODD: 2 x “Curtis P’s” = HPC + Barbell reverse lunge L & R + PP EVEN: 5 x kipping pull ups Partner CORE Subscribe to the comments on this post Print
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Strong backs. Yoga today :)

Tuesday, 9/18/2018 Warm Up: 1. Burpee MB GAME 2. 30 sec hollow -> 10-20 x hang hip touch -> 1 leg squat to 1 leg toe touch -> 15 x GM @ 15lb bar WOD: Part 1: SDL 3 x 7 + skin the cat
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