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Stability skills, partner wod & yoga

Tuesday, 3/20/2018. Warm up: complete 3 sets 1 x army crawl 2 x broad jump 3 x cart wheels or forward rolls 4 x push ups 5 x squats Skills: 3 x 1 min of frog stands 1 x rope climb or 20 sec ring
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Wod stations

Monday, 3/19/2018 Warm up: OBSTACLE COURSE Skills: around the world planks pull up bars Metcon: 3 x 1m stations burpee – mb toss 2 box over Clean and jerks w DB Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend


Tuesday, 3/13/2018. Warm up: Tic tac toe relay Metcon: KELLY with a partner 3 rounds 400 m run 30 x box jump 30 x WB Part 2 : ISO holds Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend


Monday, 3/12/2018. Warm up: Ladder and obstacles Skills/Strength: Skill of your choice Metcon: Scales per group 2 rounds for time of: 100 double-unders 20 overhead squats 100 double-unders 12 ring muscle-ups 100 double-unders 20 dumbbell snatches 100 double-unders 12 bar muscle-ups Time cap: 14 minutes
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A lotta Tabata

Thursday, 3/8/2018. Warm up: KOOSH BALL 30 sec each : hollow -> bird dog -> superman -> push ups   Skills/Strength: (2) 30 sec each — 1 leg RDL -> FS -> PRESS 5 min :2 x skin the cats -> 6 x alt i
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Partner WOD + Yoga

Tuesday, 3/6/2018. Warm up: Line drills, balance drills, group squat Skills/Strength: Jump the creek Metcon: CHIPPER 50 x box jump 100 ft wt pulley 50 x push press 100 ft wt pulley 50 x sit ups 100 ft wt pulley   Subscribe to the comments
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Kids do 18.2

Monday, 3/5/2018. Warm up: Obstacle course outside Skills/Strength: tumbling with focus on HS Metcon: Workout 18.2 – 12 min to complete 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time of: Dumbbell squats Bar-facing burpees Teens @ 35/20-lb. dumbbells Pre Teens @ 10 Kids @ 2.5 TEENS ONLY Workout 18.2a
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Row clinic, skills, strength training

Thursday, 3/01/2018. Warm up: Row clinic 3 x L Hurdle over under 5 x forward rolls bear crawl 3 x R hurdle overs 10 x push ups duck walk Skills/Strength: SKill of your choice or rings Metcon: 4 sets 7 x BS 3 x broad
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Push Pull combo + Yoga

Tuesday, 2/26/2018. Warm up: Partner bodyweight warm up Skills/Strength: Monkey bar travel -> rebound box jump line -> hollow hold Metcon: Partner 3 sets max reps or 20x floor DB press 100 ft plate pull 100 ft WL w BB Subscribe to the comments on
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Speed and pulling drills

Thursday, 2/22/2018. Warm up: PVC quickness game Skills/Strength: Pull up drills Metcon: BB complex Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend