Meet Phil

This is a quote:

“My favorite lift is the low bar back squat because I’m trying to get “that but.”

And here you have it folks!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 4.00.29 PMThis is Coach Phil…from the back.  He joined Rebels in March or 2013 and it has been a journey.

Phil was born and raised in Wisconsin and made his move to Clearwater with his three dogs: Cici, Lucy, and Charlie, in 2012.

Phil’s athletic career had been primarily in cycling. He picked up the sport in 2011 and found it beneficial for his body composition, and also found he was pretty darned good at it, becoming a respected cyclist and bike racer in the Orlando community before moving to Clearwater. He admits, however, that as a cyclist, he was in constant pain. He suffered joint pain, and felt weak.  Crossfit, he says, has taken away his pain.  Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.56.09 PM

In a very short period of time, Phil has not only excelled in the sport of fitness, CrossFit, but embraced a quality nutrition program where he is able to dial in his macros and calories and know exactly what’s going on in his body. He’s gained a strong stature, some attractive muscle mass, and a whole new confidence about life.

When asked why he wanted to coach CrossFit, he replied:

“I want to coach because I want to help give back. I want to share what I’ve learned and help people grow.  Help them become more capable of day-to-day life. Help them realize their potential. Share their happiness at a new skill or PR a lift”.

That’s the right reason to coach.

It’s always fun to ask an athlete what they hate the most or love the most.  Phil loves WOD’s over 30 minutes –
says he likes to suffer!  Oh, and of course the low bar back squat mentioned above.  His least favorite WOD is either the 5K run or anything with the numbers 21-15-9 in them.  Least favorite lift: “Sumo Deadlift High Pull…no fun…not even a little bit.”  He’s funny too!


Coach Phil with some of his teammates from Ragnar Trail. While Phil embraces CrossFit, his love for community and running/endurance shined through with this event.

As a coach, Phil is not going to be one of those coaches who tells you your form sucks and doesn’t worry about offending you. He’s very graceful in his criticism and always constructive.  His interest in the body and way it moves is evident when you communicate with him – all of this makes for a good coach.

Rebels has plans for Phil in the future in many programs from elevating him to Head Coach status to begin his coaching with the Legends athletes to managing the Strength and Conditioning Program here.


Coach Phil and CrossFit Games Athlete Dan Bailey