“Fancy Pants”

FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2019.

IMG_3808.JPG“Wait… What?? It’s Friday already?”



3Rds for Quality
6x Lateral Box Step Ups (Each leg)
8x Half-kneel Single arm DB Press (Each arm)
4x Alternating Turkish Get up



For Time:
10! Pullups

“Fancy Pants”
For Time:
21 Hang Power Snatches, 200m Run
21 Overhead Squats, 200m Run
15 Hang Power Snatches, 200m Run
15 Overhead Squats, 200m Run
9 Hang Power Snatches, 200m Run
9 Overhead Squats, 200m Run
Rx- 95/65




Weighted Pull-Up + Front Squat
Alt OTM x 10 (5 Rds):
Odd – 5 Strict Wtd Pull-Ups
Even – 5 Front Squats


“Death Race”
5 Rounds:

15/10 Cal Bike
10 Burpees

Body Armor
3 Giant Sets:
50′ DB OH WL (left)
10 Single DB Stiff-Legged DL (left arm)
50′ DB OH WL (right)
10 Single DB Stiff-Legged DL (right arm)
21 GHD Sit-Ups
Rest 2:00 between sets.



Why do we have a schedule ‘book’?


Here at Rebels’ we use a schedule book vs. an online version like OT or F45. While it may seem convenient to whip out your phone and sign into a class online, there are some flaws as well. Someone mentioned that they had tried to sign into an online class at one of these fitness facilities, but the class had been capped. Oh no, there goes your stress relief sweat session for the day because the computer says ‘nope.’ Having a paper schedule book allows us to compare the coach to athlete ratio. Were able to see where we may need to pull another coach on to provide you with the coaching attention you deserve. It’s harder for us to do when 2 coaches are on the 12 athletes we were expecting and 8 more poke their heads in. We will never turn you away but respecting our schedule is greatly appreciated and courteous to your fellow athletes. It allows us to program as necessary for YOUR fitness. Maybe your shoulder is tweaked and we’re snatching that day. Well, our coaches want to see your smiling face walk in the front door so we can B-line for you and discuss a modification for that day keeping you happy and healthy. Another key benefit with a paper book is our classes are never officially ‘capped.’ Therefore, your spot isn’t revoked because Sally put herself on the schedule but may not even be there that day at the time. Voila! *insert happy dance here* How we schedule is niftier for us for various reasons we could continue list but hopefully you can see the picture we’re painting. Please understand there is a rhyme to our reasons. Rebels’ likes to kick it old school and appreciates your support.

-CrossFit Rebels Coaches




We’ll admit that it’s starting to become painful watching some of you warm up…and we mean that with the greatest of respect and the most love!

Some helpful hints for those of you who arrive 15 mins prior to class to “warm up”:

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.48.08 AM

  • 15 min prior but no earlier right?…and if earlier, you hit the street for a solid mile run warmup… probably THE best overall circulatory and muscle warm up to start your class with….but we’re just sayin’…better than rowing or biking? Yes. It’s the most primal and total body warm up you can do
  • you should include and begin with a general cardiovascular effort of 2 -5 mins.  Running is preferred as it’s total body and it’s never going to be in the way of your fellow
    classmates who are training at the time
  • stay off the rollers and bands (unless it’s Thursday and that’s what your day consists of); start moving!  Move first …warm those muscles and tendons up FIRST…geesh guys…we take for granted that you guys understand that body and understand that trying to stretch a cold muscle or tendon is similar to a cold rubber band…a warm one will stretch better and be more supple.  Small circuits of movements that are compound and that warm up the movement or the muscles you’re about to use are the best.  Here are two that seem simple, but they’re likely better than what you are currently doing:  CROSSFIT WARM UP   and TRAIN HEROIC’S “HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR CROSSFIT WARM UP” and CATALYST SQUAT HELP
  • your warm-up should take no more than 15 minutes…we know everyone thinks they are a “unique snowflake”…but you’re not! 😂.  Our Legends Athletes (70 y/o +) warm up with compound movements and circuits…and they actually squat and have an overhead range of motion as good as ours!
  • if you have areas that need extra help, like hips, shoulders, ankles…do your structured warm up first AND THEN attack the problem areas...after they have improved circulation and blood flow,  Things you might be used doing (habitually) might not be the best for your warm-up each day. Bicep curls are great…if you’re doing rope climbs…but so are chin-ups and ….rope climbs!  Foam rolling might feel good….but if that’s solely what you’re doing, your squat is not going to be deeper or improved – rather, Samson stretch or spiderman lunge, goblet squats, sitting in the bottom of a squat with a barbell on your back….guys: warm up the movement!

There’s a reason Yoga takes you through a series of poses over and over again and moves from one to the next in succession…it causes continuous movement…it increases blood flow to the muscles and movement makes muscle and tendons more pliable – able to move with more fluidity.

If you remain stiff, and continue to take forever to warm up…and never feel warmed up…maybe you need to change things because “more of the same often yields more of the same”.

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