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Note: Rx+ will join and flow with the timing of the class today.

The Class will be set up for a great primer to get you ready to move fast and hit it hard.
We will do the WOD as a class. Afterward is open gym for athletes to work on skills or lifts or strategize for the Judged Open workout.


For total time:

3 rounds of:
10 snatches
12 bar-facing burpees

Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:

3 rounds of:
10 bar muscle-ups
12 bar-facing burpees

Time cap: 12 minutes, including 3-minute rest period


Rx’d: (Ages 16-54)Men snatch 95 lb. Women snatch 65 lb.

Scaled: (Ages 16-54)
Men snatch 65 lb., perform chin-over-bar pull-ups, maystep over bar on the burpees
Women snatch 45 lb., perform chin-over-bar pull-ups,may step over bar on the burpees

Teenagers 14-15:

Boys snatch 65 lb. Girls snatch 45 lb.

Scaled Teenagers 14-15:

Boys snatch 45 lb., perform chin-over-bar pull-ups, maystep over bar on the burpees
Girls snatch 35 lb., perform chin-over-bar pull-ups, maystep over bar on the burpees

Masters 55+:

Men snatch 65 lb., perform chest-to-bar pull-ups Women snatch 45 lb., perform chest-to-bar pull-ups

Scaled Masters 55+:

Men snatch 45 lb., perform jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups, may step over bar on the burpees
Women snatch 35 lb., perform jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups, may step over bar on the burpees





We know we can’t keep your attention beyond that amount of time! LOL!

Once a quarter, Rebels adds an alternate line of programming for our athletes to explore.  We firmly believe that giving different priority to the various elements in our sport is highly beneficial once you are a generally seasoned CrossFitter. There’s a time to hone your long distance training, there’s a time to hone your short/fast engine (well…that’s all the time :), and there’s a time to hone your strength training.

Once a quarter you have the option to enter the Strength Bias Programming. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday you exit the daily WOD in exchange for more / heavier lifting and this time work on some bodybuilding.

Functional Bodybuilding has entered the CF scene in the past year thanks to trainers generally getting smarter (and having more old school training in their libraries).  This type of training is fairly typical in the strength and conditioning community and you can find much of it in Nick Tumminello’s work. Further, OPEX (founded by James Fitzgerald (OPT)) entered the realm of functional bodybuilding programming most recently infiltrating the CrossFit scene, and with the help of some Games athletes notoriety (such as Marcus Filly), this style of training has gained some popularity within the CF scene.

It’s a fact that you can put more strength in a larger cross-section of muscle. So an athlete with wiry quads and hammies will generally not have the strength-potential of someone with quads and hammies of greater size (talking muscle here, not fat!). There is a hypertrophy component to Functional Bodybuilding in that while we don’t ignore strength training, we DO also add in isolation, unilateral and other bodybuilding exercises at rep scheme’s designed to build size.

Additionally, bodybuilding exercises, while they tend not to always be functional but rather isolation exercises, and often unilateral, can help correct imbalances we see from all the barbell work in CF.

Gymnastics won’t be the focus of this program but you will see some (like bar and ring dips).

Finally, we’ll add some multiplanar exercises and cutting drills. We always run in one direction, never stop/start and never change of direction. We tend to work in one plane with CF. We’ll challenge you outside the frontal plane in this program.

The volume can sometimes be higher than the daily WOD, but it’s different.  The benefits are increased general strength in squatting, deadlifting (pulling from the floor) and pressing, in addition to advancement in strict gymnastics strength and ability.  This time also allows your central nervous system to “rest’ from the volume of high-intensity metcons we do each week.

If you are interested, there is a sign up on the coach’s desk. Easier entry – just let us know you’re interested and we’ll get you hooked up.

You have to be diligent about your training. You cannot show up late and get the work done. You need to fully review the programming each week, read the programming emails and ask questions so you are ready to go when you show up. You cannot show up and ask the coach what you are doing. The programming will be posted on the whiteboard, but this program, like RX+, requires you to have some knowledge in advance of your training.

This strength cycle is designed for the CF’er who has been training for 4+ months and is comfortable around the gym.


We don’t publicize this often, but several of you have asked about it so here are the details for all to see:

For the last 8 years if we can help someone train who can’t afford it or if someone has been training and falls on hard times, we have ways to keep them training. Sometimes it’s work exchange, sometimes the business just “pays their dues” until they’re back on their feet.

When we added the Kids Program and the Legends Program, the need became “more apparent”.  Several of our athletes offered donations to be put toward athletes dues who were in need. And that pattern continues today.

We looked into starting a 501c3 so we could apply for other types of donations (like grants) to help fund those in need, but based on the amount of work involved, we elected not to as that’s not the business we’re in -” running a Not-for-Profit organization trying to raise money for donations”.  Our efforts are better directed toward continuing to grow our expertise in training and nutrition and continue to enhance the health and fitness of our community.

So with all of that history laid out, it’s with that information that we let you all know we have a Donation Fund. We keep the bookkeeping of that separate from other revenues. The fund is built by donations from the box and from its members.  For example, one of the Legends Athletes writes her check every month for $10.00 over and contributes that to the Donation Fund.  It’s always an option. The fund ebbs and flows – as needs arise, we take money from the fund and put it toward dues. A few of our athletes are on permanent hardships – they are long term members of the box and their training is more important to us than losing them. So when we can swing it, we help!

Anyone can donate to the Donation Fund at any time. Just ask Paul, Sam, Ed, Jaida or Nicole.

We hope to hold a few fundraising events this year to build up the fund so it’s always there to help. #family

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