Thursday, 3/21/2019.

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For Time:
22x Cal Row
17x BJ 30/24
15x DL 185/135
12x C&J 185/135
9x FS 185/135
6 x 25ft shuttle sprint

We do this workout in honor of the precious life of this sweet boy Theo Huff. Ricky and Leah Huff gave birth to Theo on 3/22/15. This sweet innocent boy was diagnosed with cancer at 5 months old.

Coach Nicole came up with a version of this workout for the kids to do to honor Theo’s courageous fight during the CrossFit Rebels’ Spring Jamboree. During that time, Theo had already undergone 17 treatments but was still able to grace us with his presence and attend that Jamboree!

After 19-month-old Theo grievously lost his 14-month battle on 10/21/2016 we modified this workout to be done on Theo’s birthday each year by the adult class. It is important to remember this sweet boy. He was born into an unfair world with extremely unfair circumstances, but he never stopped fighting. He gave his family and EVERYONE who knew him loads of joy and plenty of laughs and love.

We will all forever remember the life of Theo Huff! We will never forget that smile…

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