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Coach Sam here.

Sometimes when forced to change, you realize the benefits of the change even though it’s hard.

Many of you know, 3 years ago, Ed created and has run the “offsite Legends” program for an organization he once chaired.  We contracted with them 3 x / week for four hours a day.  Friday we were informed they are replacing our services with less expensive trainers (non-physical therapist, obviously) who can teach fitness at a lesser cost and higher athlete to coach ratio. We were not willing, considering the age and intensity of the training we provided, to do that and up to Friday, the organization had agreed – quality first.

So, as I woke this morning to a full moon, the crispness in the air and cooler temps, I realize everything happens for a reason and the positive side of this is we have not been able to progress many of the athletes at the offsite location due to lack of equipment and space.  Here at Rebels, we not only don’t have that problem but we also have the ability to add the Thursday “long slow cardio day” which enhances the memory center of the brain – more things we were limited with at the offsite location.

Next Saturday, 10/27, we had scheduled (ironically but not what an opportunity!) our Legends Program intro class at 10:30 after the Team WOD. NOW, we know we have Ed here more and we can truly grow the Legends Program the way it needs to be grown: introducing more “masters” and “grand masters” athletes to the type of fitness we’ve found and proven to make you more mobile, functional, independent and overall healthier as you age. So come one, come all – our program is designed for seniors age 65 and up. It’s fantastic, and we have testimonial after testimonial to prove it.

Good news for the current athletes at CrossFit Rebels – it’s always a plus to have Mouth (Ed) back in the box – and now it’s permanent!






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