8 Years of Rebels

Hello, Rebels!


  Our first tire, telephone poles and a bare floor with white walls 😬

Sam here. I couldn’t help inserting “old pictures” along the way of this post….enjoy!

Ed and I wanted to put out a quick post to thank everyone who has made our box (your box) such an amazing place to get healthy and fit, learn, de-stress, build relationships….basically everything! That “everyone” is:

  • the athletes (young, medium and old…because you know we have them all!),
  • the community (because your spouses, parents, and kids are a part of our community),
  • the coaches (who are also athletes),
  • our athletes who have moved away or are unable to train, but who still visit and love our community,
  • the parents  of our younger athletes,
  • and our neighbors – love them or hate them, they put up with a lot from us as we run, park and take over the street each day.

July 12th of 2010, Ed took me to dinner and basically said: “let’s try this”.  Most of you have heard the story that it was supposed to be a hobby (insert hysterical laugh here!). Fast forward 8 years and I honestly could not have imagined we’d be where we are today.


                    Ask JD – that tire got heavier over the years!

A large community that seems small and tight – like a village – Rebels has continued to grow and offer more and more to our community:


  •  Lines of programming
    • CrossFit WOD (main programming)
    • RX+ – the competitor’s program (began as CrossFit Football)
    • CrossFit Kids Program
      • Teen Strength Program
    • Strength Bias Program
    • Legends (60+) Program


  • Additional services
    • Yoga
    • Open Gym (Thurs/Sat) – the ability for you to be more a part of your own programming those days
    • Premium Open Gym
    • Personal Training
    • Special Workshops – outside experts brought to you for additional training and education

                 Young Nic and Reese!

But with everything we try to add or build into a higher quality product, the goal is always the same: improve your health and fitness. We are running right along side of CrossFit.com as they fight Big Sugar, Big Ag and the misinformation that flows mainstream and keeps America sick and unhealthy. Our goals for continuing to run alongside and possibly ahead of the curve continue.

                                                2013/14? They were so young!

To be in this line of work (training/coaching/running the operations of a training/coaching business) one has to have a passion for the field, and in this case, CrossFit – a passion for improving movement, strength, mobility, performance…all in line with a body’s ability to progress.  I know I’ve talked to a few people lately about “what if I wasn’t running Rebels”….I’d be doing the same thing somewhere else. Ed and my passion for you – our community – is greater than anyone can know. We have also built a business that can help a “coach” grow with a career that can support the quality of life they want… if they’re truly passionate about helping others and can see the benefit of all aspects of “running a box” as a part of the package. They are committed to continuing their education on a daily basis: exercise science, strength and conditioning, kinesiology, rehabilitation, psychology, construction, marketing/business development, customer service, risk….so much to learn and a lifetime to get there! It’s why we’re never bored.


                                               CrossFit Kids doing their thing!


Saturday, we will bring in two professionals who bring a level of expertise that none of us can touch. We feel like we have the training aspect well covered…diet too, but sometimes sticking with it in the face of jobs, family, school, stress, etc. can seem impossible. And, frankly, the information on “diet” out there is simply ridiculous these days.  We hope that the motivation you’ll receive from a 26 year military veteran (details at the box) and a seasoned Registered Dietician who’s been through all of the trends and fads, will help round out getting us all on track for the second part of the year, the 2019 Open and healthy life to come. 



Healthy pregnancies that include   CrossFit are becoming a thing!


We love you guys!

Sam & Ed






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