Coach Nicole’s 2018 CF Kids Spring Jamboree, In-house “Family Edition” was a complete hit!

In a mere 2 weeks, Coach Nic pulled off a comprehensive competition complete with judges, scoring, and sponsors…not to mention 26 Teams of two!

It’s impossible to express our gratitude for the outpouring of support from our community…from donations, to adults volunteering as partners for kids without, to judging, scoring and set up volunteers…we’re overwhelmed!

SPONSORS: We need to send a special thanks to those who donated to the event to make it affordable for the kids:

Blue Streak Docs-Sam Gendusa        Sarah & Mike Croft  

Postcard Mania:Joy        Mark Osbourne-Freestyle Pools

Mike Fields        Christina Stamoolis        Brian  & Andi  Newdeck

Matt & Katie Crum    ACISS Systems, Inc. – Chad Hawkinson

Roberts Printing        Jess Plumb        Blaine Heric        Faith Fuller

A special thanks to Mike Fields who hates this, but it must be done: he’s the guy who thinks of everything. He, along with Dave Sellman and Thad Carter saved us during the Open with their construction of a 15-foot rope. Well, Mike wrangled some of the gifts cards for us from Rogue, and also figured out “we forgot food” and brought the Pizza’s in for the kids! Your generosity completely astounds us. We love you, Mike!

VOLUNTEERS: We are so thankful for all the help. From set up to clean up, you made the event run as smooth as it did.  Your time and support means so much to us and the kids.  A special thanks to Lyann Santana for helping for her t-shirt idea and helping out with errands.  Thanks to Coach Ed for keeping our girl calm during the beginning…but as the day went on and things rolled along so wonderfully -Nic gained her stride back and finished like a champ!

We will have many more photos going up on FB, IG, and Google later Monday, so stay tuned for that!

Once again, thank you all so much for making this event such a hit. It’s important to continue to instill in our children how much fun fitness can be, how competition builds character, humility, and integrity, not to mention teamwork.  To the parents and “proxies” who competed with the kids, thank you for coaching up the kids and helping them complete some grueling workouts! Beware, this combo of workouts might show up as a #soulcrushwednesday!

Congratulations to the winning teams:

1st: Isaiah and Oscar
2nd: Kyle and CJ
3rd: Bryce and Nick



The proceeds from the competition donations that don’t go to direct expenses will serve to purchase new equipment for the growing CF Kids program, including new barbells for the little kids, new gymnastics mats and a potentially a rock climbing wall!

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