One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Hey Rebels!

Sam here. Ed and I “stepped out of town” this weekend to attend PaleoFX in Austin, Tx.  PaleoFX is a three-day health and wellness conference that’s been around for at least 5 years.  We attended in 2014 and it was amazing. The coordinators bring in experts from various fields in the natural health arena – including diet, primary care (MD’s), lifestyle and fitness.  We typically tend to migrate to the health and wellness and not the fitness, because, well, we’re pretty good at positioning the jerk and the DL :).

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The conference is set up like an ala-carte menu where we choose one of three to five tracks per hour or two.  Speakers, panels, and demonstrations are the types of tracks.  Today we’re hitting the following:

The Biomarkers of Health, Wellness and Vibrancy Mastermind Panel with Chris Kresser, MD,  Dr. Daniel Stickler, Dr. Will Cole, Ann Shippy, MD, Richard Mauer, MD.  A few of these presenters are highly credentialed physicians in the functional medicine field.  Others are accomplished authors and professionals in the same field. The panel’s focus is…To get where you want to go, you first have to know where you’re at; tools, tests and techniques for identifying the state of your current health, and how the same can be used to create a roadmap forward will be discussed.

10 Ways to Look Good Naked and Live a Long, Limitless Life with Ben Greenfield. Many of you may know him as the endurance expert.  The track tackles fringe yet proven tactics to look good naked and live a long time.  Topics including nutritional strategies such as intermittent fasting, cyclic ketosis, protein-sparing modified fasts; “hormetic” stressors, including hyperoxygenation, wild plant and herb consumption, pulsing molecular hydrogen, beta-hydroxy butyrate and ketone supplementation, cold thermogenesis and cryotherapy, heat and sauna; caloric restriction mimetic drugs, supplements and herbs, including rapamycin, metformin, MitoQ, resveratrol, pterostilbene, ketones and other traditional blood sugar stabilizing nutrients such as bitter melon extract, ceylon cinnamon and apple cider vinegar; stem cell enhancing and stem cell supporting nutrients and foods, including colostrum, chlorella, curcumin, marine phytoplankton, aloe vera, coffeeberry fruit extract and moringa; the sweet spot between excess growth hormonhttp://crossfitrebels.com/e and enough growth hormone to maintain anabolism as one ages, including strategies such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, colostrum, dairy extracts, injectable growth hormone precursors and growth hormone pulsing compounds and more; upregulating intake of activators of “sirtuins”, a family of genes that increase the efficiency of an organism to fight stress like excess heat or lack of food maintaining its power of natural defense, maximize the chances of survival of an organism, increase longevity and health if remaining activate, and deemed as “longevity genes” because they lower risk of diseases causing old age, including blueberry, dark chocolate, green tea and resveratrol; biohacks and strategies that address mitochondrial degradation, mitochondrial aging, and excessive formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS’s), including Pau D’ Arco bark tea, NAD injections and supplements, fenugreek, fish oil, CoEnzyme Q10, glutathione injections and supplements and other potent antioxidants, all of which can serve as compounds that specifically limit or mitigate mitochondrial damage and finally everything necessary to measure the efficacy of efforts to increase longevity, decrease the rate at which telomeres shorten and stave off decline of each of the systems and aging processes including both modern technology and observational data such as telomere measurements, handgrip strength, insulin/IGF measurements, blood glucose tracking, walking speed, facial appearance, muscular force production and more.

The Latest in Biohacking Mastermind Panel with Kirk Parsley, MD, Joseph Mercola, MD, Ben Greenfield, Alex Charfen,  and Kyle Kingsbury  The panel’s focus is the latest trends in physical and cognitive enhancement. And is biohacking even a legitimate pursuit, or is its popularity just an indication of how decrepit our species has become?

The System is a Lie Mastermind Panel with Robb Wolf, Mike Bledsoe, Hillary Bromberg, Mikhaila Peterson, & Mark Dhamma. This is a panel we attended in 2014 where the healthcare system is discussed and what the future of medicine SHOULD look like so we have more prevention and less treatment. 

What is High Performance with Kirk Parley, MD.  This lecture will be about the value of lifestyle modification (with -of course- a fair emphasis on sleep)  affects every aspect of performance – to include strength, endurance, cognition, resiliency, mood, sex, finances, etc.  

Metabolic Flexibility with Robb Wolf. Politics, religion, and nutrition are not pleasant dinner conversation. Why? Conflict. Drama. Why is this the case with nutrition? Perhaps instead of focussing on finding a “one size fits all” solution we should seek metabolic flexibility…the ability to thrive under a host of different nutritional scenarios.

Looking forward to bringing back some good info!

Also, we’re hoping for some good ideas to help the community in total push back against the way life can derail our efforts to be “generally healthy!” Stay tuned!

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