Ed and Janice made it!

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The word is out! Janice and Coach Ed made it to the next level in the Road to the CF Games!  

Each had to finish in the top 200 in the world in their respective age groups.
Ed finished 161st/4,520 male athletes in the 55-59 age division,
and Janice finished 70th/2,086 female athletes in the 60+ age division.
Congratulations to them both! We are all so very proud!

So what’s next?  The qualifier for the Masters’ age divisions (starting at 35 years old) is an “online qualifier”.  There will be four (4) workouts released on Thursday, April 19th.  We will stage a second round of Open-Like competition on the following days and times at the box:

Friday, 4/20 @ 7 pm
Saturday, 4/21 @ 10 am
Sunday 4/22 @ 9 or 10 am (posted at the box) and then again at 1 or 2 pm (also posted at the box)
Monday we’ll use for any re-do’s Ed and Janice want to take on.

We will post our event schedule at the box and you’ll probably see a FB event soon!

Please help us in congratulating them. This shows what a very structured and methodical approach to training can do (while still holding a full-time job, having a family and a life – somewhat:). Both athletes stuck with their training programs (Janice in the main WOD and Ed with CompTrain Masters).

Janice used private sessions with Coach Paul to identify areas she should spend her Open Gym time on…and did just that! If you’ve ever seen her on those days, she has a notebook, a plan, and she gets to work. She doesn’t spend tons of time on the things she’s already good at, as she gets to practice and works on those things in the WOD. She hits her weaknesses hard, and this year, her progress showed through!

Ed never veered from his schedule. Last year, many of you knew, we were sidelined with a business glitch that he backed out of the open to help with that. This year, his standing is 40 some spots better than two years ago…and yes, he’s getting older too (older and fitter!).  He sticks to his training plan veering only when his body tells him to.

Both athletes have dialed in their nutrition this year – Janice working on more protein and more carbs, and just generally eating more with her busy practice schedule, and Ed focused on increasing carbs and fat.  Both know the key to a higher level performance is a solid nutritional foundation.

Stay tuned to our blog and our FB page for more information!

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