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Sometimes “Thank You” doesn’t seem like enough.

My 2018 CrossFit Season ended today. I’m a bit embarrassed to share, but Madison, WI, and the CrossFit Games was my goal…and I came up short.  You know what they say “Go Big or Go Home”.


My note today, as measly, simple and understated as it may sound is to say “Thank You”. Thank you to Samantha,  my #1, hard ass, no-nonsense coach, and biggest fan, the entire coaching team, and most of all, to each of you, my friends and fellow teammates…yep, it takes a village.


In reflection, it really is about the journey and not the destination.  That’s not an excuse, nor is it letting me off the hook for 2019.  Sam has already outlined some 2018/2019 priorities and I’m focused – but training, commiserating, suffering and laughing with each of you this year has been a gift and the highlight of my 2018/2019 season. Your support of me and my goals….let’s just say “I’m truly blessed”.











And speaking of blessed, as a community we’re blessed.  The impact we all have on each other… the impact we have on our kids…we don’t yet know the magnitude of the positive environment we have created for our children by having them in the box with us.  We’re setting healthy, positive examples for each other and our children. IMG_9128

This post is to also ask you to make sure you see us, this box, and CrossFit as a journey – a health journey – YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY.  Some of you (you know who you are) NEED to focus on this journey and let us help you like you helped me. I used the words “no-nonsense” to describe Sam but all of my/our coaches are that way. They know how to tell you when somethings not right without crushing your soul…and it’s because they care…alot! Whether your arms aren’t locked out overhead, your chest isn’t on the deck in a pushup or your diet is out of whack and it shows (bodyweight/health issues), they are your first line of defense. Use them.

Everyone’s got a goal…what’s your goal?

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