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After 18.1 and 18.2 presented with some pretty elementary movements (OK, T2B can be tough), an engine and some good solid foundational strength were all that was needed to Rx those two WODs.  If you’re new to CrossFit, scaling those WODs gave you the opportunity to move hard and fast – where the magic of CrossFit happens (in the pain cave!).  If you Rx’d them, you found you were among a very, very large group of CrossFitters who could also Rx the movements but maybe they moved faster than you? Or maybe you kept up. Either way, 18.1 and 18.2 were pretty inclusive.

Enter 18.3.  Not only are double unders still the bane of many, a moderately loaded overhead squat posed a challenge to some, and then the elusive muscle ups furthered that challenge. We had athletes who had solid chest to bar pull ups and dips, but hadn’t been on the rings in a while for various reasons, and it would have been irresponsible of us as coaches to push that with a higher potential for injury in those untrained on the rings. So for some, scaled was easy (with a big motor!) but the right decision.

Whether you chose to Rx 18.3 or scale it, if you chose the right option, you entered a world of wonder!

If you scaled it, you were breezing through single unders to a light overhead squat and right into pull ups.  If you had them, your goal was to get into and through round 2.  If you didn’t have them, MANY of you got your first, second…some got up to 18 “first pullups”!

If you Rx’d it, your challenge was either the ring or bar muscle ups, or both. There were “first time” and “first time in a long time” muscle ups…all met with screams and cheers, and there were multiple beautiful muscle ups (bar and ring) where the challenge was truly how far can you get.

18.3 was a lot of fun!

So, if you are in the camp of “firsts”, what now? This is the most important question you can ask yourself right now, and below are the keys to not losing your momentum!

  1. Commit to PRACTICING your new skill every day you walk in the box.  EVERY DAY. Use the momentum and the excitement of what you have done and keep that with you.
  2. Use the principles of S.A.I.D to guide your volume. You see, your body is pretty amazing. You have to continue to vary and challenge your training load and volume so your body doesn’t adapt to the stimulus you impose on it.  (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands).
    • If you now have pull ups 1 at a time (singles), commit for the next week or two to do at least 10 in your warm ups.  In between, work on your beat swing and strength it.
      • In subsequent weeks, add about 5-10% to your volume every two weeks in reps, and continue to work your beat swing. Start trying to string multiples together.
      • Once you can do two a time, begin doing two at a time for, say, 20 reps total for a few weeks. Continue to work your beat swing.
      • Continue to work strict pull-ups and progressions into it that your Open Gym time. Work parallel ring rows (pulling from a different angle).
      • The next thing you know you’ll be stringing multiples together, at which time, because of how pull ups are programmed in the WODs, you’re now on your way and you’re Rx’ing the pull up WODs!
      • The next step: chest to bar pull ups in the same manner.
      • The next step: work dips for muscle ups…..
  3. Get off track? Use the GOAL Board to document your goals so we (your coaches) can keep track of all your dreams and secret desires.  It makes us happy to contribute!

Three simple things…yes, it’s that simple.  There are so many things we want in CrossFit….take your one or two most important and work them in this manner and you’ll reach your goals in no time!

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