Chalk Etiquette


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It’s one of the fun parts of CrossFit. Make you feel like a bad ass, right? The slow saunter over to the bucket – you’re feeling a little John Wayne meets Gangster gunslinger.  The silky feel of the chalk on your hand that are about to grip and rip a new snatch PR…oh you can taste it, right?

Well, with every accessory in our gym comes responsibility. Whether it’s your jump rope, your knee wraps, or yes, your use of chalk, be prepared to be asked to have some knowledge of “chalk etiquette”.

  1. Our Box Rules include chalk etiquette: Rule #9: Use chalk over bucket.  In other works, put your hands in the bucket, rub chalk between your hand IN THE BUCKET, and then clap them together IN THE BUCKET.  Easy enough right?
  2. Do not take chalk blocks out of the bucket to your “station” or workout area. Blocks remain in the buckets at all times.
  3. Weightlifting Chalk is different than blackboard chalk, and baby powder talc. Don’t try to mix it up!
  4. A fine layer of chalk between your hands and the barbell helps you achieve a stronger grip by soaking up any of perspiration from your hands.
  5. Chalk buckets…they’re not yours! We “share” chalk bucket in the box. The kids area has one, the adult area has four. Please don’t consider this “your” personal chalk bucket for your class.
  6. Sweaters. No, not Christmas sweater, but people who sweat – a lot. We live in Florida, folks!  It’s hot and you’re going to sweat. If you’re pouring out sweat and doing pull ups or high rep cleans, no amount of chalk is going to keep the sweat from running down your arms to your palms.  Consider sweat bands, as corny as that might sound.  Excessive chalk + excessive sweat = paste, and this defeats the purpose of chalk.
  7. Chalking hands is typically for pulling: DL, Cleans, Snatches, and pull up bar or ring work.  Chalking your hands for pushups and presses…kind of makes you look like a goof.
  8. Clean up your chalk mess after the WOD: barbells, handprints on the floor, whatever. Cleaning up your mess after a WOD is a part of your job. Do it!
  9. Try not to use a trip to the chalk bucket like a trip to the water fountain during a WOD: as a rest break.  Others may legitimately need the chalk bucket – use it only when needed.
  10. If there is chalk in a bucket – use it. There doesn’t have to be a chalk block in the bucket to be effective. Chalk blocks break down into fine chalk silt. That is fine – if the chalk bucket is empty, please ask a coach and he/she will get you more chalk.

We’re lucky. Many gyms won’t let athletes use chalk because it creates a mess.  We understand the value of chalk but also need your help in controlling the mess it creates.



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