Happy New Year Rebels!  Sam here.  And this is our New Year’s Post!

The new hip thing is to say you don’t have or don’t do resolutions or goals…but why? Why not commit (openly to others and to ourselves) to try to be a little better this year than last? Why not? Because of the everyone gets a trophy era where if we resolve to be better at “X” and we fail, we can’t accept that we failed and need to try again? Because we don’t know how to measure and identify if we’re getting better or not? I’m always stumped at this.

Well this year, at Rebels, we are “resolving” to be better this year…in several ways.  Join us in this bit of commitment and let us help you, as your community…as your family…achieve your goals!


As coaches, we never cease to be amazed by the athletes in our community. Their passions, their professions, their ginormous hearts!  Get to know your fellow athletes because we have one of the most exceptional communities out there!

Three of our exceptional athletes come to mind as I write this.

Luke Bernard was brought to us in July of 2015 by his sister, Faith.  Luke was a little fragile from a tragic car accident and subsequent surgeries.  I recall discussing with Faith how to keep him safe, especially considering things like Handstand Pushups and swinging from the bar.  Fast forward to today, and Luke is an accomplished screen writer and actor, and consistently finds himself Rx’ing CrossFit workouts and continuing to improve his mobility, strength and fitness.  If you’ve never trained with Luke then you’ve never had the privilege of his laughter and animation…something you should experience in 2018!

John Templeton is easily one of Rebels most loved athletes.  His easy going mannerisms, his humble approach to the WOD combined with his high level performance, and his “Mr. Congeniality” presence puts him front and center as the guy you want to set up next to for tomorrow’s WOD! We’ve had the privilege of training John and his sister Maggie in the past several years.  What you may not know about John is his exceptional character, evidenced at age 19 when turned his life around and began a path that would forever be in the service of others.  Check it out. We’re honored to train someone like John, and consider him friend and family – such a positive force in the community!

Elin Gottschalk is one of our Legends athletes.  At 80 years old, she shows up every day, and regardless of the health challenges life throws at her, she gives it her all (and sometimes we think more than she actually has to give!), and continues to persevere.  She squats below parallel (when she wants to), always wants the heavier bar always does a few more reps than we tell her to. Elin, unlike most of us, has had a very challenging upbringing and seems to have used her past as a source of strength today and in planning her future.  On days we feel the world is against us, whether it’s because our day has gone to crap, we missed our workout or we jumped head first off the diet wagon, we can always look at Elin’s past and her positive attitude when she walks through the door and find inspiration to make today a better day.


I know…I’m always harping on your diet. But without a solid diet, you just won’t have the CrossFit career you truly want. You probably also won’t have the body composition, strength or recovery you want.

CrossFit’s “prescription” or Rx for diet has always been this: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”  Pretty simple right? Well, it is…but you probably have to change a few things about you view food.  Choose protein in it’s most natural state from grass-fed, pastured and wild animals.  The word protein by it’s very definition in the mid 19th century from French protéine, German Protein, from Greek prōteios ‘primary,’ from prōtos‘first.’ tells us it’s of primal importance and should be prioritized in our diets.   Carbohydrates should come from non-starchy, highly nutrient dense sources like broccoli, carrots, peppers, greens, fruit, etc.; also from (safe) starchy sources like white rice, potatoes and some (safe) grains. Your levels of  starch should be commensurate with our activity and level of your training. Fats should come from varied sources and round out your diet.  Animal fats, some fruits (olives, avocados), nuts and seeds…all great sources of fat.  

If you have never done a strict 30 day reset, you owe it to yourself to educate yourself on what foods may affect you poorly. This is the easiest way to find out and often provides some eye opening results!

If improving your diet is something you aspire to accomplish, let us help. We can meet with you and help you lay it out or tweak where you are to move you in the right direction. Just remember: you cannot out-train a crappy diet.


Your WODs are strategically periodized and planned to ensure you hit heavy, medium and light loads, short, medium and long durations on the WODs, all of the various movements, skill practice and time to work on the things you need extra time to become competent in and with. Use your coaches, the “Spiderweb” drill in the Skill Crate to help you design your work days on Thursdays (Open Gym) and Saturdays (8am Open Gym). Two days a week you have the ability to hone your skills, work your weaknesses and utilize the skills of your coaches to bust through barriers. Have a plan and employ it!


Your muscle get stronger, and your body heals during rest days and when you sleep. Bragging that you train 7 days a week never impresses your coaches. It makes us wonder if you are being guided by magazines and poor examples that float around the interwebs.  Trust us: if you are full on CrossFitting, you need two days of a break in your week. That doesn’t mean you don’t come to the box, but work on mobility, love up to a lacrosse ball and a foam roller, and maybe hit a slow recovery row.  But for heaven’s sake: honor your body and rest!

Also, get a handle on your sleep. Lack of sleep and high, unmanaged stress levels, are two things that will sideline your recovery. Ask for help!


CrossFit is your sport, but have a life! “Regularly learn and play new sports”: the last line of World Class Fitness in 100 Words. Golf, cycling, KanJam, recreational sports ….have fun doing things CrossFit keeps you fit and healthy to try!

Read, experiment and find things in the community to join in and do.  TBO.COM


Studies show that by continuing to learn we not only improve the quality of our lives, but we also ward off mental illness and keep our spark for life high, even as we age. In this age of technology, there is no excuse for lack of learning. I have stacks of text books and journals just waiting for time to dig in.  Find something you’re passionate about and start diving in! TED Talks are great sources of education in all areas and great place to start. They’re free and easy to access.  EdX offers free online university courses from some of the best higher education sources out there.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Happy New Year to our Rebel Family!  We’re proud and honored that you choose us to provide your training program and facility.  We have big plans for 2018 that include providing more variety in your training, more services (child care for one) to make getting your training in easier and with our best coaching team ever, and upstanding year ahead of health and fitness!

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