SATURDAY, August 12th 2017

Happy Birthday Michael M!


It’s Coach Jaida & Paul’s Saturday!

8am- yoga/open gym
9am- team WOD



PHIL DOGANIERO 3-Bridge Half Marathon

“Endurance” has never been a mainstay in our programming. Meaning, we choose to gain our endurance from the longer WODs, the long run once every 10+ days and our high intensity interval training that carries over into the long running. We believe that simply running without strength and the high intensity actually isn’t good for the body. However, occasionally we spike our endurance training to mix things up. This is one of those times. Our training program starts August 7th. All the details are HERE

The inaugural Phil Doganiero 3 Bridge Half Marathon, 5K, and 1 mile fun walk will take place on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at Coachman Park, Clearwater Florida. The predecessor for the 3 Bridge Race was 2016’s successful Sports Fan 5K presented by Simpson Air, which brought out 265 runners and walkers in the community.

The torch is now being passed on to the 3 Bridge Race. The proceeds from the race will help further the Clearwater For Youth mission that no child will be denied the ability to play in a sports program because of financial concerns.

Whether you ran with us in 2016 or are running with us for the first time, this is your chance to be a part of a worthy cause!

About Phil Doganiero:
Phil “Juice” Doganiero was born Feb. 24, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York to the late Philip and Catherine Doganiero.  With luck on its side, Clearwater would never be the same for in 1971 his family moved to Clearwater where Phil attended Oak Grove Middle School and while at Clearwater High School (CHS) he was highly regarded for his contributions to the varsity football team receiving a Varsity Letterman all 4 years.  Phil went onto receive his B.A. in Business from Florida State University in 1979.  As an original CFY Board of Trustees member Phil was recognized as the 1996 Frederick E. Fisher Humanitarian of the Year for his commitment to Clearwater For Youth and his love and support of local youth athletics.  An avid sportsman and tri-athlete, Phil knew how to motivate and be a driving force for not only himself, but everyone around him.  He competed at the highest level in international acclaimed events like the 1997 Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii.  Off the field, Phil was known for his business acumen and fairness. He built several companies from the ground up, including National Data Products, Inc. (NDP) which he founded in 1982 and merged with Dataflex, a national publicly traded powerhouse, in 1997.  Another milestone would be achieved in 1999, when he led a small group of angel investors into a promising new concept known as PODS which went onto become an international moving and storage titan.

Today, we marvel at how his life transcended the generational gap inspiring both peers and youth alike with the spirit of generosity, distinction & ethics which is arguably his crowning achievement.  For this achievement, the 3 Bridge Race was created and named in his honor.  This race serves not as a memorial to Phil but a celebration of his lasting legacy, one full of generosity, love and family.

From everyone at CFY, we’d like to say thank you Phil, we are forever grateful for the lasting impact you made on this community.  For helping make this race possible, we’d also like to thank his high school sweetheart of 41 years, Dawn; his son, William Blake; his daughter-in-law, Stephanie; and his grandchildren.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.
~William James

More Information, including registration is here!




rebel runners

Rebel Runners – Every Sunday, for years now, starting with a rag-tag sleepy crew, a group of Rebels started meeting in downtown Safety Harbor to run, jog, walk….and
socialize. Call it active rest day. The kind of running…about 60-70% of max heart rate that borders on being ‘guhlt-producingly” slow, but also accomplishes the rover-style submaximal type of training we’d love to see you all do on a Rest Day!   If you’re interested, find us on Facebook (link to group in the name) or ask Coach Moana or the Davii (Justin and Wife…we mean Steph) as they lead the group.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.57.29 PMAlso, if you’d like to sport some official Rebel Runner apparels exclusive to our group, you can purchase a shirt like this from Whatevs Apparel HERE.  Congratulations Matt Mitchell for filling a serious void in our operations! 🙂 

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-6-33-54-pmRebels on Paleo  – Rebels on Paleo is a face book group established a LOOOONG time ago to provide dietary support, information and motivation for those trying to “clean things up”. The group is for Rebels only and our goal is: keep it clean, but be social and live a fun life.  Sometimes it’s super active, and sometimes you can tell everyone’s on a Dairy Queen binge…it’s fun…you should try it! Find us using the link in the title and ask to join. You can participate or just follow the strings.


Rebel Girls  – Just the ladies of CrossFit Rebels hanging out! Occasionally we coordinate an activity, some ladies are looking for partners for competitions, some looking
for equipment or clothing recommendations…it’s all there.  All women, all CrossFitters. Good forum if you need us.  Find us using the link in the title and ask to join.

Please remember that within our Box Rules, we state “please don’t arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your class”. This is for several reasons:

  1. For the 6am, 11am and 4pm classes, that’s what time we open the doors.
  2. We want (the coaches want) to be committed to the class at hand until top of the hour. Arriving super early for class can be a distraction to the coaches.
  3. The class “in play” has run of the gym for that hour. When you arrive too early, step INTO their WOD, walk OVER their bars, get in their way of the pull up bar because you need to mobilize….sorry, just not cool.
  4. Frankly, if you arrive 15 minute prior to class, considering that warm up time is included in our class hour, you have PLENTY of time to warm up and get your mobility in. This question has arose recently. For those of you who show up 15 minutes early to complete the warm up, and then at top of the hour are asking a coach what to do, they’ll instruct you to DO IT AGAIN. You have time from the top of the hour to when we pull you together at the whiteboard to get the warm up done (if you’re not dawdling).  If you come early, it’s to mobilize or because your body needs a little more warm up time – NOT TO START THE POSTED WARM UP EARLY.
    • If you need more time to mobilize than quarter till the top of the hour PLUS time until the call to the whiteboard, then park your car, and run the street versus wasting time on the rower to get your core body temperature up. All of the coaches know this and have been instructed to address it, versus continue to let some of you slip in earlier and earlier.
    • Also, if you do arrive 15mins early, please do not pull a coach off the floor to ask them about the WOD or the warm up. Rember, the warm up STARTS at the top of your hour.

We recently watched and athlete in the middle of his/her barbell set, stand and watch an early arriving athlete walk OVER his bar.  Yea…we were pissed, and so was the athlete.  Stop it!

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