Max efforts & partner chipper

12243151_923453404416273_5977196322807241105_nThursday 6/29/2017.

Warm UP:
350 m row
Speed ladder drill -> balance drill -> upside down drill

SKILL–  15 min to complete both. Go in any order
(1) Perform 1 set strict pull ups

(2) Perform 1 set C2B pull ups
–> scale : opt for kipping or butterfly

(3) Perform 1 set Max unbroken chest 2 ground push ups
–> scaled: same on assisted
–> newbies: hardest progression x 20 reps (break up if needed)

50 x single or double DB DL
50 x box jumps
50 x seated wall facing MB throws for height
200 m farmers carry (use KB from DL)

STRETCH: forearms, calves

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