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We wanted to show you a video of the fastest 100 push-ups but an exhaustive search only yielded results of quarter reps.  Nobody seems to do full ROM push-ups!  WTH?!  Let’s set the mark today, chest-to-gound and arms locked out on EVERY REP.  

Time Trials:
400M Run
500M Row
100x Pullups
100x Pushups
100x situps (bfly)
100x Squats
*You have the entire hour to complete these exercises. You may go in any order you wish, and must time each one individually. 
Compare to: 1/16/15


Will be posted at box

PLEASE be aware of their need for the west rig and ask a coach before setting up in that area.
Many thanks from the CrossFit Kids Classes!


FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  How’s your row technique?  At a recent training seminar Ben Bergeron said, “Rowing is the most brutalized movement in CrossFit. When it comes to rowing, most people are either training or competing, but never get around to actually practicing.” Most athletes don’t know the difference between the three. “Most people think that they’re training, but they’re actually competing,” he tells the group. “If, after a training session, you’re concerned with the scores of other athletes or whether you beat your PR, you’re competing”. While talking through some common errors and corrections, Ben is reading the room. “I know what you guys are thinking. Some of you guys have tried to row like this, but you find you can’t row as fast, or you can’t get as much power. So you go back to doing what you always do,” he says, as the athletes exchange guilty smiles. Legitimate practice, he says, requires that you detach yourself from the results. “Focus on actually getting better, without worrying about the outcome.” This, he says, means that you have take a step back from your training. “I know you can do what you’re currently capable of,” he tells them. “If you want to get better, you have to take a step backwards, slow things down, and hammer the fundamentals”.

WEDNESDAY (3/22) FIT LIFE FOODS ANGELICA and new member of Rebels will be on site for the 5pm and 6pm classes with some samples, menus and information about their products and services. We know many of you guys are busy – life is busy – jobs, families, training…so much to fit in. Sometimes having a healthy meal already prepared for you is helpful so you can spend time with family or doing other things. Fit Life has three sizes of meals: Small, Medium and Large so you have choices for calories and macros.  There are options that fit a Paleo/Ancestral lifestyle and a “mac and cheese” lifestyle! LOL.  All meals  have “macros” on the package so for those trying to get their quantities of food right for training and body composition, that’s one of our favorite things about their meals, aside from the convenience and taste.  If you’re available – come by and check them out!


Is the CrossFit Open showing you you have some areas to work in for next year???

We offer CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINING SERVICES for Open skills, weaknesses & areas you may lag behind in.

We all don’t progress in the same way – we all have individual strengths and weaknesses, and the way we make progress is also very individual. 

Three of the five of our Head Coaches are currently certified personal trainers (OK – one’s a physical therapist but we think that counts!), and two are pursuing their certification…all NCAA accredited…which means there’s an exam that’s not simply done from home, on a computer where you can reference the internet and your text books.  We require our personal trainers to be “tested” objectively. In the past we’ve let this slide but no more – the quality of our services are only as good as the quality of our providers.

Sometimes athletes ask for special skills sessions, some want an additional program written to supplement a weakness and they use a monthly session to check up on their progress…and sometimes, when a new athlete joins, they just want to CrossFit privately for a period of time to gain confidence before beginning the group classes.  In preparing for the Open, you can gain some valuable advantages by working with a coach on strategy, timing and refining skills that will make you more efficient in your movements.  Mobility, strength, skill, speed…all of these things can be focused on directly with in a private session.

If you are interested, ask Sam or Paul for details. Coaches that can take personal training clients are: Mouth (Ed), Sam, Paul.   Jaida and Phil are working toward their certifications and will be available mid 2017.   We can also do 1/2 hour sessions!  Sneak one in once or twice a week to hone or practice a skill – worth every penny!

We have a few athletes who got with one of our Certified Personal Trainers early in the year and attacked skills they knew they were lacking in. These athletes are surpassing their expectations and improving in their skills further than they had even dreamed!
A little extra work can go a long way!
Ask a head coach how to get started today.


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