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Hey all!
Coach Paul here, just wanting to share some information with all of our athlete! As you may or may not know, the Rx+ program is a program designed for athletes that would like to take their fitness to the next level… Competition! The program is designed and structured on all CrossFit movements but with higher volume and higher skill level movements on a more frequent basis. The design and methodology of this program is to fit the style of, and prepare our athletes for CrossFit competitions such as local competitions all the way up to The CrossFit Open and even Regionals.

Due to the heavy lifts and high skill level movements, there are standards that need to be met in order to be “accepted” into Rx+.  These standards are guidelines for loads and movements the athlete “should” have. Not all standards have to be met but you should be close to reaching them. If you are interested in competing at a higher level, you may apply today! These applications are on the front desk at CFR. They need to be filled out entirely and turned into a Head Coach no later than Friday, Oct. 21st 2016.

Please note that once you have turned in your application, I will look over the information and then the Head Coaches will confer a vote. We vote based on your ability, consistency in training and punctuality to class, proficiency with lifts, your ability to be coached (do you listen and transfer what you’re told to your training), and your attitude (arrogance and a “separatist” attitude have NO place at Rebels.) I would like to clarify that strength and efficiency in movements are not the only standards for the Rx+ program. We expect (and demand) that you have a humble attitude and lead by example. Rx+ athletes are required to be on time (up to fifteen minutes early) for class and have basic understanding of the movements and workout designs. We ask that you have at least 9 months of CrossFit under your belt and are confident in your lifts (Power lifts and Olympic lifts.)

Rx+ is programmed based on the programming from Ben Bergeron of CFNE and Competitorstraining.com. As your coachs, our main focus is simply on bettering our athletes as competitors. Our programming will be based purely on the needs of our athletes as competitors. Our focus lies mostly on your weaknesses as an individual competitor. Programming layouts will be guided in the direction I see to be most adequately beneficial to the fitness of the Rx+ competitors.
Scaling will be done through the head coach for that class. The head coach will help scale loads and movements based upon INDIVIDUAL abilities. You can be an Rx+ competitor and scale WODs. Our focus is on getting you to be able to reach those Rx loads and movements as soon as possible. It will be demanded of you that you are in the program to better yourself in strength and efficiency as well as work capacity.

Lastly, Rx+ is our gym’s greatest opportunity to reach the highest level of competition in our sport. Being accepted into this program is a privilege and is to be treated as such. Failure to uphold the standards and requirements demanded of you will result in a dismissal from Rx+. If you choose to “drop-out” at any time, that will be acknowledged, although if you wish to get back into the program you will need to reapply at the next acceptance period. There will be no, I repeat, NO bouncing back and forth from the regular WOD to Rx+.


Feel free to submit an application asap! Thanks All!
Coach Paul out!




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