Chris Griffin is the 2016 Summer Paleo Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to Chris Griffin who is the winner of the most recent Paleo Challenge. This week Chris will receive a check for $350!  Yep, it pays to eat healthy sometimes!

Nicole and I were super pleased with the amount of “learning” that went on, and the effort that was put forth by all who volunteered for this 21 day Paleo-style eating challenge.  Participants goals ranged from weight loss to general health to performance.  In all areas, there was progress made.  Our Facebook group help keeps those who needed and wanted a little extra community and support entertained and informed.

Chris won the challenge on points from have an uber-clean diet (didn’t cheat) and he followed the blog and found the bonus points. We didn’t use the physical challenges for points this time, so diet compliance and choosing to cheat or not played a critical role in the overall scoring.

Congratulations again to everyone who participated.  Great group of athletes and hopefully healthier and stronger as a result!


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