Hemi’s New Adventure

It’s time we pull all the facts together and let everyone know what’s going on with “Mal’s new box” now that we have a lease and have applied for affiliation.

Many of you may know (and if not, now you will), Mallory joined us as an athlete in November of 2010 and soon thereafter became a coach (February of 2011).  Believe it or not, she was on a band with pull ups!  Same crappy shoulder she has now, but same unstoppable engine.  She and Nicole were our first two coaches, and we love to brag that they have grown with us and continue to do so!

Several years ago we looked at doing this, but for reasons that someday will reveal themselves, things didn’t pan out.

Fast forward to the middle of last year, 2015, Coach Mal (aka “Hemi” for those of you who don’t know that’s her nickname) approached us that she’d like to consider opening a box. Knowing we’d offered this in the past, the deal was made.  Ed and I agreed to fund the start up, and partner with her, continuing our relationship and growing her career.  Mallory is a managing partner in the new LLC, Hemi Strength & Conditioning.  Ed and I will support her on the financial and operational side, but she is and will be the day to day “boss” at the new box. She has applied for CrossFit affiliation and we are awaiting their response.  Until then (until they approve our name choice(s)), we are Hemi Strength & Conditioning.

Our goal was to open north of Rebels, at least 5 miles, and west of US19. We have been looking for space in that area FOR YEARS.  We were truly at a standstill, and in the past three weeks, not only did a new opportunity reveal itself, but the deal accelerated and here we are….

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Mal’s box is located in Palm Harbor/Ozona.  The address is 305 Bear Ridge Circle, #103, Palm Harbor, FL  34683.  We HOPE to hear back from CrossFit by around the first of April. As soon as we do, we’re a GO!

We are two separate companies: Rebels and Hemi.  We have discussed long and hard about reciprocity and things like this that will come up, but have ultimately decided to keep them separate. But don’t worry, though we are separate entities, we will keep both boxes connected with social events and team WODs here and there. We know many of you will want to see Hemi S&C if you haven’t already, so we’ll keep you abreast of the Grand Opening date.

Mal is and will have some of the same challenges Ed and I did when we opened Rebels:

  • Space and equipment. Hemi S&C is 1,950 sf.
  • A blank canvas that needs work – she’s already painting and hanging plywood (as you can see above)
  • Things break…like the overhead door (above) within a week!  She’s learning to fix things!

Ed and I had similar challenges – Rebels was a sh#t-hole when we moved in!

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Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.06.29 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.06.53 PM


But all of these things are memories, and create a huge sense of ownership.  Business ownership is great – especially in our industry. We don’t sell wigits, we don’t manufacture “things” and frankly, we don’t “sell”.  We provide a service. Our product is us – our coaches and their personalities, their level of dedication, their brains and communication skills.  We create athletes.  We create robust health and elite fitness.  We change lives.

There’s a huge sense of satisfaction in what we do. We make a difference.  We teach kids to love fitness, we train 20 and 30 years olds to be monsters on the gym floor. We keep 40 and 50 years in the best shape of their aging lives.  And we increase the functional independence of our “senior” members 60, 70 and up.  Our jobs are very important.  Yet, we also carry a lot of heavy responsibility.  Injuries, struggles with form and technique, body composition getting in the way of progress, balancing the rate of progress with what the body can safely handle….just to name a few.  Nightly Ed and I talk about our athletes from A to Z: progress, jobs, relationships, kids, mobility, goals….NIGHTLY.  Sometimes nightly is the only time we see each other!  I carry every injury we’ve had at Rebels with me personally.  Everything that happens at that box is our responsibility. Good or bad.  But it’s this level of commitment and caring that makes a good box owner.

Mal is ready.  As Ed’s said: there are days when she’ll hate us for letting her get into this (LOL!). But in the long run, and more often than not, she’ll feel the same satisfaction and pride we feel as she creates a new group of athletes up north.

Here at Rebels, we have a plan for transition, and frankly have been “overcoached” for the past year plus in anticipation of this.  I will assume Mal’s shifts, which will generally oppose Paul’s shifts (me AM/Paul PM and vice versa). I’ll split the middays with Jaida and Phil. Adam will ultimately transition to be with his sister as her volume grows.  Hemi S&C was designed to have the sister/brother team of Mal and Adam with Liver there as well…family business, just like Rebels!  Rebels will have Paul and me back the floor with Jaida and Phil coming up and growing into bigger positions.

Lastly, we will be bringing a group of the advanced Legends athletes to Rebels during the 10am closed hour three days a week. They have advanced to the point of needing “more tools in their toolbox”. We hope that will occur in April or May. Paul, Phil and I will manage that group.

We’re so excited for Mallory and this new adventure. This is a big 12 month span for her: marriage, new business owner…. she deserves this opportunity, and ready or not, it’s here! We often rise to the occasion when pressured to perform (a’la CrossFit Competitions).

Please join Ed and I in congratulating her and supporting her.  We love you Mal!

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