Why CrossFit is BETTER!!!

Coach Paul here!
Being that we are almost at the end of January, I wanted to share a little something one of our athletes (Dorothy Suggs) shared with me.
Dorothy found a little article in USA TODAY  stating what kind of DROPOUT statistics there are after New Years. It’s funny because New Years day is like black Friday for gyms all over the world. Everyone knows this and I’m sure we all have seen funny things on social media about how happy gym owners are that it’s New Years. Well the month is almost over and I’m sure the buzz is wearing off and people are slowly starting think the couch at home looks a lot better than going to the gym.
The article tells that “46% of new gym members drop their memberships after January.” That’s CRAZY HIGH! Almost half?!?!? You freaking slackers! I knew the number was probably high but dammmmmn. Any way the coolest thing is that Crossfitters (pssst! that’s you!) are the MOST LIKELY to stick with it! How sweet is that?!
I’d just like to spend a few minutes of your time ranting on about why this makes me happy and why I think CrossFit keeps its members. We have stumbled upon something so special and so incredibly remarkable with this fitness methodology. CrossFit keeps its members more than any other gym or fitness regiment because its FUN! What the heck? Fitness can be fun?! “Coach, you’re telling me that 40 burpees at the START of a workout is FUN?!?!” ……..You freaking showed up didn’t you? You bitched the whole time and hated every second of it but after you finished you got that satisfactory accomplished feeling of not only completion, but PRIDE that you actually committed to it and did what you thought would kill you. Sorry to say, but that is FUN! You are figuring out a way to measure your existence! You have a new way of proving your worth to yourself! You can measure your fitness! How awesome is that?!? AND there is ALWAYS something to get better at!
We also have found a way to keep our bodies guessing and our minds entertained. Let’s be honest people, you still get excited and/or nervous before a wod and the first thing you do in the morning is check the blog to see what the wod is! You’re not alone my friend! We are all showing up to put ourselves through the same torture and you know what??? THAT’S THE BEST PART! We ALL know how bad it hurts and how much of a struggle every single burpee and every single goddamn thruster is and we are crazy/stupid enough to do it WITH YOU!!! So we don’t trash-talk each other, we don’t put each other down or make fun of how much weight the other person is doing. We are here to embrace ‘The Suck’ together! This is what makes our community so strong and makes CrossFit the BEST part of our day! THAT is why (in my professional(sort of) opinion) CrossFit has such a high retention rate!
So, if you are the athlete that is thinking, ‘man, am I EVER going to get better at this?! Is it really worth my time to keep going?!’ The answer is YES! MAN UP!!! We all walk out of here thinking ‘man, I suck at that movement!’ or the infamous, ‘IM SO OUT OF SHAPE!’ Just think back to the very first day you started and tell yourself… ‘ no… THAT GUY SUCKED!’ You aren’t that person anymore. Every day you come in it is a new experience and new adventure. Give yourself credit for becoming better and more useful as a human-being!

Thanks for listening and for motivating me people!
Coach Paul

P.S. Yoga has the highest DROPOUT rate =-D



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