16 Ways You “Eff-up” CrossFit: 9-12

10Compiled by some of your Coaches


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Here are the next 4 of 16 ways you eff-up CrossFit,  (so you can cut it out and make some new gains, and only have to spend about 5 minutes reading)…

  1. You don’t respect progressions and scaling.


When we introduce someone to CrossFit, we state: “It takes an average of 8 months to take someone ‘off the street’ to RXing these WODs.”

CrossFit workouts are written for elite athletes. Between the complexity of the movements, the heaviness of the loads and the time caps, that’s a good average of expectation for when you’ll feel like you’re “on fire.” Now that the loads in CrossFit are heavier, it takes more longer (about a year) to take someone from Day 1 to RXing.

All too often, ego gets in the way of the fact that this thing we call CrossFit is a fun, interesting and progressive means of “fitness.” It’s not boring. It’s not impossible. But when we see the potential for getting our name in red, sometimes we don’t see much else. And this can come at the expense of form, safety, the cap or even — heaven forbid! — cheating reps.

Your coaches know you guys. We know your strengths, your weaknesses (yes, we do… and we always HOPE that’s what you’ll work on in Open Gym!), and your tendencies to under-scale or over-scale. We encourage you to lift more when we’ve seen your technique remain solid over a period of time, and we encourage you to drop the load when we see you’re unable to perform a movement properly.

  1. You’re focused on your age versus your abilities or you’re competing with others — but not yourself.


We’re all going to get older! Some of us are already there, so we know — this is where ego comes into play again.

At Rebels, we truly see “Masters” as 55 and up. Though in your 40’s, mobility, nutrition and recovery become all the more important.  At this point, regardless of what point you entered CrossFit, the loads and some of the movements for RX will change. The longer it took you to get into the Crossfit scene and the older you are, the longer it’s going to take you to get there.

Progress is consistent with the effort and intensity you put into your training. Basically: you get back what you put in. At an older age, that effort and intensity might be a bit lower due to the longer recovery rate, hence the long time it can take to mature (pun intended) into the sport. However, unless you’re hell-bent on making to the CrossFit Games, just remember that this is your sport. It’s supposed to be fun! Don’t let the red and blues on the board mess you up!

  1. You showboat. You know who you are, you peacocks!


Oy vey! We all know these CrossFitters. They practice their handstand walks in the middle of the gym… or in the middle of the WODs. It’s 40 degrees and they have their shirt off… before the WOD even starts. They choose to work on their snatch right next to someone who’s in the middle of their WOD.

If you’re guilty of any of these, you’re not impressing anyone. In fact, if you focused on your training as much you focus on everyone SEEING you train, you’d be much better at CrossFit… and more respected.

  1. You train alone… all Open Gym all the time.

“No one ever PRs in their basement, by themselves.” – Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder

This is a pack sport. Even though we’re competing individually at CrossFit, we’re a group, a team, a family — and we all perform better together. Even in team WODs, no one person’s ever “got this.” It’s a team effort.

You’ll also not work your weaknesses as much, or round out your training as much, if you’re programming for yourself. The best athletes out here have a coach and someone who programs for them.

Getting the most out of CrossFit means getting to know your community. Learn to introduce yourself, run the last 400 with a later finisher and wait until everyone’s done to put your equipment away…learn to be a part of the sport and you’ll find this sport much more rewarding!



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