16 Ways You “Eff-up” CrossFit: 5-8

Compiled by some of your Coaches.


If you missed Part 1: 16 Ways  You “Eff-Up” CrossFit: #’s 1-4″, check it out HERE.

Here are the next 4 of 16 ways you eff-up CrossFit,  (so you can cut it out and make some new gains, and only have to spend about 5 minutes reading)…

  1. You favor certain element(s) over others: strength, gymnastics, cardio, etc.


We all have our favorites. House loves to run. Paul and Ed love the barbell. Jaida loves gymnastics. And yes, we’re all likely to gravitate towards things we like (that’s just human nature), but doing this in excess will eventually leave you unbalanced. Fast and weak. Or strong and slow. Great gymnastics, but unable to lift heavy loads. Strong but inflexible.

Check out Skill Levels (1–4) by CrossFit Seattle, with a few tweaks toward our box. If you haven’t been introduced to these yet, check them out on a Thursday or Saturday during Open Gym – it’ll point out your weaknesses pretty quick!  (Ask a Coach)  If you aren’t out of Levels 1 or 2 yet, it would behoove you to check them out, see what you left that you can’t test out of and work on those skills with your extra time! We keep them at the Coaches Desk.

  1. You don’t want to “lift heavy.”

We’ll be honest — we hear this one most often from the female contingent of the CrossFit population. To which we say, pshhhhh! And please see #3 in the first post. Muscle not only creates definition, but it also burns more calories while you’re at rest and keeps you lean! Can’t lean out? Doing too much cardio? Not lifting heavy? There are the missing links in your perfectly self-concocted cocktail.

Trust us, just because you lift heavy as a woman doesn’t mean you’re going to get bulky. You would have to be taking in A LOT OF protein and excess calories in order to make that happen. Besides, the definition of “bulk” these days is seriously off. Sure, if you look at runway models, CrossFitters are all bulky.  But most of us would rather look strong and lean than waif and frail…it’s just not the CrossFit way.

too thin

  1. You don’t train enough.

The word “frequency” is one of the most critical principles in the doctrines of fitness success. Even our Legends Program,  requires them to train 3 times a week! Three days of CrossFit a week is a minimum. Four is ideal. Five is fantastic as long as you listen to your body and modulate Thursday and Saturday to accommodate how your body feels and your training load for the week.

CrossFit training once or twice a week will only result in frustration. You won’t learn the movements as quickly, which will result in a slower progress. And that can feel like a big ol’ lack of success.

  1. You train too much.

See above. Five days a week is the max! The human body gets stronger and fitter when it’s recovering from training. Don’t believe us? Google it: recovery; recovery from CrossFit; recovery from training….lots of data and research out there.

Is this what your weekly training program looks like? CrossFit five days a week, Open Gym lifting, Team WOD and running or bike riding on Sunday. If so, I can guarantee you’ll be stronger if you took at least one (if not two) of those days OUT! Let your body rest — it will thank you.


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