16 Ways You “Eff-up” CrossFit: 13-16

Compiled by some of your Coaches

16 WAYS YOU ‘EFF-UP’ CROSSFIT: #’s 13-16

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Here are the last 4 of 16 ways you eff-up CrossFit,  (so you can cut it out and make some new gains, and only have to spend about 5 minutes reading)…

  1. You train when you’re stressed out and push it anyway.

Here’s where the coaches come in again. Depending on how you deal with stress, you need to be aware and stay smart with your training. Say your car breaks down that morning, your cat is sick at the vet, your boss is being a beotch, you receive an unexpected bill in the mail, your kids are in their “terrible twos,” etc… and now it’s time to train at the end of the day!

If you’re someone who can let off steam in a WOD — hit it hard. However, if you’re someone who sees CrossFit as a source of stress in and of itself, or you get anxious about WODs, talk to a coach. Sometimes treating a 3 rounds-for-time WOD as an AMRAP that finished 5 min under the real cap is a smarter way to get a good workout. Just be careful not to push your stress limits on an already stressful day unless you know yourself well enough to take a WOD on effectively.

  1. You are problem- versus solution-oriented; You don’t know what positive self-talk is; You use the words “I can’t” vs. “I will” or “I’ll try”

We may have to insert some tough love here. We’ve all done it — negative self-talk. Sometimes you don’t even know you’re doing it, right? It just feels like the truth. But most of the time, YOU’RE WRONG. And when this attitude gets in the way of succeeding at CrossFit, talk to a coach. You’re your own worst critic, and sometimes you can’t see what they see. They can help you find the positives in your training.

At the end of every WOD, find the WIN! Maybe you did your first set unbroken. Maybe you blew the cap but used a lighter band. Find the WIN!


  1. You think that what you eat has no effect on your training/results.

If you’ve never heard something to the effect of, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym,” then listen up. You’re guilty of this! And trust us, we know who you all are. Facebook and Instagram are everywhere! If you are a binge drinker, post your McDonalds/pizza #foodporn on your personal social media accounts, a coach is bound to see it.

You cannot out-train a crappy diet or a ton of booze. Sure, there are anomalies out there who brag about donuts for 6 pack abs, and of course an occasional treat is a valid nutritional strategy. However, the majority of the solid, competitive athletes out there dial in their nutrition and feed their bodies properly. That means consuming nutritionally dense, low inflammatory foods that ensure your body performs optimally. It isn’t rocket science, you guys. And it’s easier to eat right and train than eat crap and keep chasing your training.

The volume of the CrossFit Program, especially RX+, requires you to fuel your training. Trying to undereat for 6 pack abs? Your performance will show it.  Choose one.

Don’t believe us? Look at those athletes who completed the last Paleo Challenge at the box. Even the youngest and hardest-hitting athletes ADMITTED that once they fell off the wagon they felt horrible during and after their WODs. Until you have gone through the process of really cleaning things up, you can’t comment to the fact that “you eat like crap, or over eat, or under eatt and “feel fine””.

Not as strong, lean, metabolically fit as you want? Have everything else dialed in? Time to look at what you put in your pie-hole!


  1. You want overnight results or unrealistic expectations.

See all of the above…

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